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In Greek mythology, sirens were dangerous yet beautiful creatures that lured passing sailors with enchanting music and voices, who ended up shipwrecked on the rocky coast of their island. Fast forward to today, and this same imagery can be used to warn people about the perils of ‘modern day finance’, where the dangerous yet beautiful creatures that inhabit the parasite classes continue to lure all strata of ‘wannabees’ as close to their shores as possible, only to end up on the rocks once they have been used up. Wannabees are told, greed is good, materialism is good, and consumerism is good; and, if you want to get to the enchanted island of ‘success’, you should do whatever it takes to get there – even if it’s a mirage.

And make no mistake about it; the new ‘American dream’ of reaching material world Elysiumhas become exactly that, a dream. The entrenched parasites in the system (bureaucratpoliticoligarch) are making sure of that via an increasingly class system encased in a neo-fascist state that would have Orwell rolling over in his grave.

If it’s not nailed down, it will be taxed. In fact, even if it is nailed down this has become the case. Case in point, we now have administered interest rates in the States, which have already been nailed down to zero, looking to go negative, which in case you didn’t know, is designed to force you to spend and invest in stupid and valueless things – all with the goal of keeping the parasite classes in style – buy continuing to promote consumerism / materialism. (i.e. and it’s working.)

Of course it’s the unintended consequences associated negative administered rates that investors and parasites alike should be worried about; everything from increased demand for tangible assets (think gold) given money would be forced out of the banks / fixed income, to currency actually being ‘called in’ on a de facto basis. But the false sirens of promised prosperity still have the mob delusional enough to look past such risks, which are in fact blaring sirens for real, so don’t expect the parasite classes to heed such warnings, as they eventually consume themselves. Oh, and don’t forget to be a contrarian and buy the fear. With expectations for a stock market crash never higher – it’s a ‘no brainer’ – right?

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