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Silver COTs Downright Scary…Trick or Treat ?

from TraderDan:

Just in time for Halloween comes the Silver Commitments of Traders data for this past week. Scary, is too mild of a word to describe the composition of this market. Downright terrifying might be more apt.

I wrote a report on this last week but this week’s data is simply too astonishing to pass over without commenting upon it.

Take a look at the various charts I am going to post up here.

I actually went back and modified this particular chart so that it would include all the data beginning from 2006, the year in which this Disaggregated Report starts. The reason I did so is because silver has now the dubious distinction of having the largest numerical HEDGE FUND NET LONG POSITION on record. Let me state that again – never in the 9+ years that the CFTC has broken out the data in this format have the hedge funds ever had this large of a net long exposure to the silver market.

In keeping with a method I introduced to some of the readers last week, I also have tabulated this same data in percentage terms of total open interest.

Here is that chart.

The hedge funds now have the SECOND LARGEST net long position in percentage terms on record.

Frightened enough yet? No? Then try this one.

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1 comment to Silver COTs Downright Scary…Trick or Treat ?

  • randy0302

    Good article as far as it goes. Dan calls the markets “goofy” a better term as we all know is manipulated.
    According to Andrew Maguire the big banks are crushing the price and going long led by Goldman Sachs.
    Jim Sinclair says he was told the price is going up. At one of his seminars he said Sinclair is his mothers name. He said his family started Goldman Sachs.
    These two people seem to be giving the same info I think.

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