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Silver and COMEX Inventory – Part 1

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver-coin-investor:

During our recent Q&A interview with silver analyst, Ted Butler, the issue of frantic in and out movement of physical silver within the COMEX warehouse system came up more than a few times. 

We asked Ted if he could describe how this movement literally works…

“Are these literally trucks? 

“Is Brink’s a part of this?” 

“Is this literally putting one thousand ounce bars on pallets, onto trucks and moving it?

Ted: Well, that’s what’s happening. That’s why I noticed the issue starting four and half years ago and that’s why I’m persisting in talking about it today. John’s question is good. What the heck is going on here?

First off, it’s not Brink’s trucks. You might have caught the news a couple of weeks back, regarding the big silver heist. Ten million dollars worth of silver stolen from the Port of Montreal.

I believe they actually recovered it or they nabbed the crooks and basically what it was a lot of people were surprised when they saw it was a container. Like a ship container or a rail container. A container you would see on the highway interchangeable between boat and rail and truck. This is how they ship silver.

They don’t ship it in Brink’s trucks. They ship it on Mac trucks. One truckload is six hundred thousand ounces. That’s the equivalent of a hundred and twenty COMEX contracts.

It weighs about forty-two thousand pounds or twenty-one short tons . That’s a typical truckload. Think of this, the six hundred ounce is one truckload, that’s the normal movement. It’s never exact. It might be five ninety-three or might be six hundred and ten thousand ounces.

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