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Rockefeller Initiative: Hillary Clinton & John Podesta on the Road to Disclosure

from Paradigm Research Group:

There is a dialogue by other means underway between the Clinton presidential campaign and the American people regarding the extraterrestrial presence issue. It is of critical importance the Fourth Estate (if not the Fifth Estate) pay close attention.

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4 comments to Rockefeller Initiative: Hillary Clinton & John Podesta on the Road to Disclosure

  • Christine

    Disclosure is coming, no matter how much resistance people put up. And it is coming fast. No religion will survive it. People will finally learn the truth about themselves, their origins and the purpose for them coming here, slaving and suffering all their life and dying (the one question religion has so pitifully and pathetically failed to answer…)

    Yep. The best has yet to come. 🙂

  • tomche

    Just seeing that diseased, sociopathic liar sitting on the set with the talk show host made me want to vomit.
    Who the frick really cares what that POS has to say about ANYTHING?
    Better: Someone, anyone, quick – get a rope!

  • monica

    there is nothing “truth” of my origin as extraterrestrial except that my existence before incarnating to earth, i was formed in the hands of God. christine, please don’t state your beliefs as any more truthful than the beliefs of others. i am sure as a truly open minded and mature person you recognized and respect that others, who are just mature and open as well as educated to your level, and much more so, don’t agree with what you choose to claim as your belief system. if extraterrestrials landed on earth tomorrow, that is no “proof” or “truth” of their connection to humanity it would only answer one question immediately – other intelligent lifeforms exists beyond this planet. the answer would give rise to more questions – who and what are they. like it or not, all the other questions would still be unanswered.

  • monica

    Christine – posted on this site – i’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it.


    “The larger the island of knowledge grows, the longer the shoreline – where knowledge meets ignorance – extends. The more we know, the more we can ask. ….Answers breed questions. Curiosity isn’t merely a static disposition but rather a passion of the mind. ….Mapping the coast of the island of knowledge, to continue the metaphor, requires a grasp of the psychology of ambiguity.

    perfectly stated.

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