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by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

The financial newsletter business lost one of its greats on November 21st. Richard Russell, who founded the Dow Theory Letters in 1958 passed away amongst family in his home.

Dow Theory Letters was the longest investment letter in the industry continuously written by the same person.

For those who didn’t know or know of Richard, you really missed out.  He was one of my favorite analysts, writers and thinkers.

The Dow Theory Letters started out in the 1950s with an ad in the Wall Street Journal that received a big response.

After that, every ten days to three weeks he would mail out a newsletter.  Yes, mail!  In today’s age it is hard to imagine the difficulty of writing that regularly to subscribers around the world.

In 1991, Dow Theory Letters began publishing online, which allowed Richard to write daily. This he did until about a week before his passing.

I remember the first time I got to meet Richard in person.  It was at a Casey Research conference in which he was a speaker about four years ago.  Being a longtime subscriber, and with him rarely (if ever) being photographed in public or on things like Youtube or TV, I had this image of what he looked like from the one postage stamp sized, black & white photo of him which was always on his website or newsletter (pictured right).richardrussell

Then, a frail old man walked onto the stage and I was shocked.  I turned to David Galland, who used to run Casey Research back then and said, “Wow, some of these speakers need to update their photos!”

David responded to me that he had recently had a stroke, or some similar health issue.

I was shocked he even came to speak in his condition.  But, as he began to speak into the microphone it was clear that while his body was withering his mind was still as sharp as a tack.  And he continued to give an impassioned speech full of all his usual wit and wisdom.

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  • tomche

    Richard, sleep well. You have helped many and have been a beacon of light for countless others.
    Your focus and sage observations of markets and human dynamics are legendary.
    We will do our best – without you – against this evil that is encirlcling humanity….i just hope and pray that we get it together in time to prevent complete destruction and enslavement. Thank you for all you have given to this earth and to those of us that were privilaged enough to have had you with us, even for a short time.
    We will miss you…

  • Rob

    Thank you Mr Russell

    May you rest in peace,Yes we will miss you thanks for excellent education and knowledge.

    You too Tomche for finding words I could not.

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