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Ramifications of the Reign of Terror

from The Daily Bell:

French President François Hollande was quick to declare a state of emergency in the wake of Friday’s bloody terror attacks in Paris. But what does the “etat d’urgence” mean for the country and its citizens as they go about their daily lives? The state of emergency measures are set out in a 1955 law and are designed to be used in “cases of imminent danger resulting from serious breaches of public order, or in case of events threatening, by their nature and gravity, public disaster.” –

Dominant Social Theme: You have to break some eggs to make an omelet, even if they are freedom’s eggs.

Free-Market Analysis: Tough times call for tough measures and in this article, we’ll discuss the ramifications of the resolute countermeasures that President Francois Hollande is prepared to take. The bill to declare an apparently open-ended “state of emergency” in France is being presented to Parliament today.

Yesterday we posted an article entitled “Ron Paul Calls Terror Coalition an ‘Over-Reaction.’ ” Paul’s point was that uncoerced enterprises and trade were preferable to the application of military might when it came to creating prosperity and peace.

But in the current era, top government officials are quick to argue that “security” measures are more important to creating and sustaining civil society than the actual marketplace products of society. In other words, one arrives at Western-style civil society through the application of military force.

We prefer Ron Paul’s approach. It makes more sense to us that the market itself should operate and create alliances that would damp the prospect of any violence. After all, if a peaceful society is engaged in wealth-creating commerce, that society has every reason to police its own actors.

In such societies, citizens will themselves undertake the task of reducing or eliminating violent threats because they have the most to lose. But this is not the way of the West currently. For Hollande and other Western leaders, security apparently means invasion, bombing and violent, scorched-earth policies that will inevitably engender more of the violence that these tactics are intended to remove.

These policies are applied abroad, but variants of them are also applied at home. As ill-conceived as the military solution is abroad, so “states of emergency” are equally destructive domestically, though the violence in these programs is less overt. But it is certainly present.

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