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PUTIN: “Today’s event was a stab in the back BY THE ACCOMPLICES of the terrorists”

Putin Threatens Turkey With Serious Consequences For Shooting Down Russian Su24 Jet


Original video post credit: live Leak

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16 comments to PUTIN: “Today’s event was a stab in the back BY THE ACCOMPLICES of the terrorists”

  • Christine

    Let’s get back to basics and vocabulary 101.

    If I have a wooden stove and my kid comes too close to it, is my telling him: “It you come closer, you’ll get burnt” a threat or a promise? (inanimate object)

    If that same kid torments the cat and I tell him: “Keep irritating the cat and you’ll get badly scratched” a threat or a promise? (Animate object he doesn’t know but I must have dealt with, to know beforehand what will happen and be able to warn him off, right?)

    If Russia’s mouth piece with 87/88% approval from his people (animate beings) says to any country: “We WILL take appropriate measures and we WILL hound down whoever is responsible”, is it a threat or a promise?

    Just as the cat scratched that one hand tormenting it, for want of listening, so will Russia. Not Putin. Russia as a whole. What unified bodies do.

    What America has been incapable of accomplishing since WWII and why it has lost every single war ever since.

    Threatening makes for good MSM/Alternative hyping. Acting gets results. My kid will never again touch the cat if my promise was made good of, not by my doing but by his.

  • Millicent

    Obama is a Day-Care student compared to Putin. He has no clue or capacity to deal with a character and a mind like that.

    Obama reads off the teleprompter. Putin makes decisions and acts upon them.

    Adm. Painter: What’s his plan?
    Jack Ryan: His plan?
    Adm. Painter: Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.

  • rl

    Putin knows this downing is more nato war bait and western engineered problem reaction solution.
    Four questions;
    How old was this plane still in service and where was it flying.
    (Older than most of you here and conviently cruising rather slow in todays terms on the ‘enemy’ border)
    Who does Putin work for, anyway.
    (Central bank owned country as long as yours)
    Are russian polls or approval numbers any more reliable or truthfull than the now legally approved propiganda that you get fed to you every day?
    (Um, NO)
    Are the russian people as gullible as the typical american, and live in a world that has no clue of its history let alone the real death and slaughter of over 60 million from the jews who labeled themselves as bolsheviks then communists conning a whole country to do so?

    Putin love is more bait and switch for the brainless and the emotionally owned herd while the russians know and live the laws in place and enforced to keep them peasants and the bankers protected from the “anti-semites” with jail time for anyone who say so courtesy of vlad and his pals. Just like germany does. So when not in america gets the same dont be surprised.
    The eldest generation of Rusia’ knows who the jews are and who owns their country.
    Which is why the eldest amongst us will have to go when the plug is pulled, blatantly labeled worthless eaters slash money and resource suckers all.
    Where as WE my friends operate in a different world that wears its sold to guilt like the shroud it is from top to bottom and is all but clueless to anything but the complete bill of goods we have been sold for the last several centuries.
    And sometimes vlad does show up instead of his double when it matters.

  • Jacobson

    The jews responsible for that too?

  • tomche

    There is a reason the Jew has been kicked out of so many countries. History is replete with examples, time after time after time…

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