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Prince Charlie and the Climate Factory

from Zen Gardner:

To really understand the true context of this climate change charade one must factor in the massive worldwide geoengineering program. Unbeknownst to many, prior to the escalation of the war on Syria, millions of Syrians farmers were driven to poverty and forced into city centers for work via engineered drought.

It’s all part of clearing the land of what the controllers consider the nuisance humanity. It’s happening in many parts of the world, including the infamous California drought. Agenda 21, further augmented by Agenda 2030, lays this plan out clearly, herding people into densely populated areas for easier monitoring and control, amongst other sinister intentions. The unusable land will once again be watered by geoengineers once it’s in the guardianship of the state and/or huge corporations as they have done before in Australia and other countries.

Engineered torrential floods, freezes and storms are all part of their arsenal, but the drought factor needs highlighting as it’s hitting the world’s food supply as well as demographics very hard. For an in-depth look at this weapon of choice see Engineering The Climate To Control Populations. Be sure to click on the links to the various examples to see the enormous range of this ongoing drought program.
So here’s the pathetic, twisted mainstream narrative so many are buying into, conveniently broadcast just preceding the farcical UN Climate Summit:

Climate change has ‘huge impact’ on Syrian conflict – Prince Charles

Failure to properly address climate change issues has played a role in the rise of terrorism and instability in Syria, Prince Charles has said in an interview.

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