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Modern Scourge of Public Policing: Does It Have to Be This Way?

from The Daily Bell:

State Investigates Why Cops Killed Idaho Rancher Who Was Trying to Put Down a Bull … Idaho State Police and the Idaho Attorney General’s Office are investigating the puzzling shooting of 62-year-old rancher Jack Yantis by Adams County sheriff’s deputies on November 1. The shooting followed a traffic accident in which one of Yantis’ bulls was injured, but it remains unclear exactly how that incident escalated into Yantis’ death. – Reason Magazine

Dominant Social Theme: The police have a difficult job and maybe sometimes they shoot us in order to protect us. But, hey, at least they care.

Free-Market Analysis: Reason magazine does a good job of tracking police brutality, especially when it comes to the drug war. In this case, they report on an Idaho police shooting of a locally well-known rancher.

It’s certainly a ghastly tale and deserving of the attention it is getting. According to the Reason report and other write-ups, Jack Yantis’s bull wandered off his ranch onto Highway 95 where it was hit by a car. The car’s passengers were injured and taken to a hospital, and the bull’s leg was shattered.

The sheriff’s department notified Yantis, who came to the scene and asked his nephew, Rowdy Paradis, to hand him a rifle to put the bull down. But before he could humanely kill the suffering bull, the deputies fired, wounding but not killing it.

“When Yantis pointed his rifle at the bull’s head to end its suffering, Paradis said, a deputy grabbed him from behind, spun him around, and grabbed the rifle. The rifle may have gone off during the scuffle, and both deputies opened fire, killing Yantis.”

Yantis died there on the highway and the bull remained alive for another two hours or so, “suffocating in his own lung blood.” This was because the two deputies on the scene refused to allow Yantis’s wife, Donna, or her nephew to tend to either Yantis or the bull.

Instead, the two deputies searched Donna and Paradis, “throwing” them down onto the highway, and handcuffed them. In the process, Donna had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital herself.

Paradis was quoted as saying, “Law enforcement should be trained to de-escalate situations. In this case, I stood 10 feet away and watched two deputies escalate the situation and needlessly kill a man.”

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1 comment to Modern Scourge of Public Policing: Does It Have to Be This Way?

  • AgShaman

    Thanks for posting this fellas.

    The stories I am hearing from the neighbors are vastly different….as far as the wife, who was standing there and suffered a heart attack as a result of the incident, and the LEO’s story….filled with wrestling and hero’d up powder burns.

    Earlier in the summer, up the road a piece in Idaho county, you had the Tepee Creek Fire debacle, where a prominent rancher had to kick out some fire fighters for not performing at all. It was a big mess, and I experienced the adrenaline that comes with thinking you may not, or somebody you know may not survive this raging inferno.

    Long story short, the yellow shirts got butt hurt for being exposed as non-performing leeches and gave a false story to the LEO’s about the neighboring rancher….written up also on their Safenet story board program. They are now trying to sue the rancher….it’s a shameless incident of the gubmint using dirty tactics when they get exposed for being nunces. At the end of the day….the LEO’s are caught up in the “he said she said” and are being programmed to fear the gun toting ranchers and hence the need to Barney Fife their way thru these incidents.

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