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Michael Rivero: Paris, Fukushima and Crimes Against Humanity

from The Daily Coin:

The situation in Paris is not all that different from other events that we have been dealing with for much longer. The same people telling lies and deceiving the masses with propaganda to push whatever agenda the elite deem necessary.

I sat down with Michael Rivero from What Really Happened to discuss some of the more serious situations that are currently unfolding. One situation happened on Friday 13 in Paris and the other has been an ongoing global nightmare that, today, gets very little attention and very little coverage.

The situation in Fukushima with a nuclear reactor that is, figuratively, missing should have people screaming from roof tops all around the world, but it doesn’t. It is now illegal to say anything negative about Fukushima or TEPCO in Japan. We have mass die offs of fishes, cesium-137 showing up in Florida citrus and measurable amounts of radiation up down the West Coast of the U.S. This is to say nothing of the millions of gallons of radioactive waste water being poured into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis for four and half years! It doesn’t get much more serious than radioactive waste being dumped into the ocean 24 hours a day for four and half years. If you are still eating any seafood, especially shellfish, coming out of the Pacific Ocean, good luck. How about some Salmon coming from the Great Northwest – no thanks

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2 comments to Michael Rivero: Paris, Fukushima and Crimes Against Humanity


    Love to listen to Mike Rivero. Only wish we could get him to believe in God (“playmate in the sky”) and Geoengineering??? That said, he is a good man!

  • Deforest

    Not belief but rationalization of thoughts, I do. agree with his conclusions. To think the way he does and “believing” is a bit antinomic,isn’t it?

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