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Market Manipulation Confusion

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

QUESTION: You say that long-term manipulations are impossible while short-term manipulations have been the focus of the bankers. Do you mean to say that not even governments can manipulate the economy perpetually? Are central banks buying US equities to manipulate the US stock market higher? It would seem that the Fed would then be accused of creating a bubble. What is going on?

ANSWER: Ever since Marx, the Age of “New Economics” as Volcker put it came to an end with the collapse of Bretton Woods and the Crash of 1974.

ANSWER: Ever since Marx, the Age of “New Economics” as Volcker put it came to an end with the collapse of Bretton Woods and the Crash of 1974. Of course governments have tried to manipulate society and the economy. All governments operate out of their self-interest and they impose punishment as their weapon. They have falsified the statistics, revised them routinely especially CPI because they learned that everything was indexed to CPI so if you reduce the CPI you cut benefits without having to confront the people. After 1980, they removed real estate and replace it with rents using the argument that the former was investment not cost of living.


The entire game of manipulating society is to maintain their power. They historically will do whatever they need to do to achieve that goal. They routinely manipulate the truth using the press. Nobody will report that the Clintons not merely removed ALL restraints against the banks from Intrastate Banking to Glass-Steagall, but they also made student loans non-dischargable in bankruptcy at the bankers’ request so they could securitize them. Nobody will bring that up about Hillary because she is the favorite of the press. They attack Ben Carson and Trump all the time but Hillary they assume is a coronation.

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  • Lauren Tratar

    the fed has created bubbles since its inception. it does so based upon its control of interest rates: a lowering of interest rates serves to inflate a bubble and conversely, the raising of interest rates bursts that bubble.
    for example, the 2008 “financial crisis” was deliberate. as investigations by every states attorney general has proven: the loans with their “teaser rates” and granting of loans to sub-prime borrowers who in the past were never granted loans, were designed to fail. The failure of these loans catalyzed a domino-effect resulting in the payment of credit-default swap insurance to the “betters” on Wall St. the loans were PRE-SOLD to investors of mortgage-backed securities and as validated by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Report these loans were sold MULTIPLE TIMES to different Trusts, and rendered impossible to track as the crooks, liars and thieves filed a 15-15D report with the SEC which stated that they no longer had to file reports on the Mortgage-Backed Security Trusts. In addition, the Conspirators created the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS)which eclipsed the county recording of the sale/ownership of loans/property and thus allowed the crooks to pretend to sell these loans to trusts while violating the Trust terms and conditions by KEEPING the notes in their own vaults which permitted them to be the “legal holder of indebtedness” and even though they illegally held the loan, they had the legislature create law which states that anyone who “holds the note” (legally or illegally)can foreclose…
    this is/was a set-up years in the making and one they thought could never be unraveled but there is a preponderance of evidence which backs up these claims by Harvard & Georgetown law professors; forensic loan specialist Marie McDonnell in Mass. of which both entities provided affidavits to the Mass. courts in their attempt to expose this criminal Enterprise.
    I have written a FREE BOOK and powerpoint on SCRIBD to expose the Truth” “We the Sheeple v. the Banksters.
    the largest question facing all of us is: What are we gonna do about it?
    I’m in court alleging RICO for once you know the truth and choose to do othing, you are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

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