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Major US Air Force Base Has Huge Security Breach!

from Spiro:

Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, one of our nation’s largest military installations, had a security breach this week. This very disturbing incident caused hardly a ripple in the national news scene, which is pretty scary considering we are only days away from ISIS attacks in Paris and their threats to attack America, only months away from an attack on our military recruiter offices in Tennessee and just a few years away from traitor Nidal Hassan’s attack on military personnel at Fort Hood, Texas.

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5 comments to Major US Air Force Base Has Huge Security Breach!

  • Sayldog

    Another good offering from Spiro, who is becoming a favorite. Thanks SGT report.

  • 0083

    Right, this is the third, I believe, security breach allowed by Akal Security, ran by the same evil jew appearing fake wannabe yogi that was providing security at Minot AFB when the nuclear warheads were armed up and loaded onto cruise missiles aboard a B52 and flow up and down the east coast while Cheney and Chertoff were saying the US was going to be hit by a simultaneous multiple nuclear attack on multiple US Cities. Finally the FBI caught up with the B52.

    These bastards are bound determined to see America harmed or even nuked. We need loyal Americans. Guru needs to be outta the US security scene, whatever his original name was.

  • Savvy937

    As someone who used to deliver items to people @ WPAFB, and still lives, but not too close to the base, when I first heard this story, it mad me scratch my head as to how this could happen. Security is very strict at the base (and any base for that matter), even on Alpha, and you can’t just go through a gate “unauthorized”, let alone the gate that is connected to I-675 via on / off ramp, which is where the breach happened. And then the building that was breached was the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Sensor’s Directorate, which is about a mile from the breached gate. Oh, and for the Gematria people out there, the gate was 22B, or 222…

    There is video available of the incident, but it hasn’t been released yet. Also, but likely not related to what happened, Col. John M. Devillier, 88th Air Base Wing and installation commander, was on leave and unavailable for comment, when this happened.

    A follow up to this is needed when the identity and name is released, but that will only happen when he/she will be and is charged.

  • Savvy937

    I also forgot to mention that the breach happened around 9:40 AM, when just about everyone who is 1st shift employed by the base is already on, and inside working in their respective buildings and departments. So very few human witnesses to this event. It would be very easy to just speed through the open gate and the guards there since there would be few if any cars waiting to get through.

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