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LIBERTY RISING: Anti-TPP Activists Storm Morgan Stanley Offices

from RT America:

A crowd of protesters demonstrating against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), stormed Morgan Stanley’s offices in Washington DC on Monday evening

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3 comments to LIBERTY RISING: Anti-TPP Activists Storm Morgan Stanley Offices

  • Deforest

    This is a protest? It is a pure joke given the stakes! This what the people can do, shame on us

  • Rob

    These protesters have the right idea just not backed by a military. That is what it takes now days so, Deforest you do have a good point.

    Strange that
    Isis,ississy, is, whatever, would be taking on the worlds banking empire as that is what has destroyed their countries, not the innocent human beings just trying to survive the same fate..

    Unless of course they were… Oh….. isis,isissy,is are funded by the Banking/military complex/spec empire… OK Nevermind.

  • Deforest

    In the documentaries from the sixties, in France, in England those are protesters. Is violence the privilege of the elite? IDon’t make mistake, you the dictatorship, if I protest I’ll come with a helmet, with a baseball bat or Molotov cocktails… I will express my anger. So far, my economical power hasn’t diminished, it is not a cashless society… I’m waiting…

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