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John Whitehead: America Becoming A Mirror Image Of Brutal Regimes We Used To Guard Against

from Pete Santilli Show:

John Rutherford of the Rutherford Institute speaks the undeniable truth. As America slips further into a police state John Whitehead founder of The Rutherford Institute, tackles the complexity of why a population lets it happen.

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5 comments to John Whitehead: America Becoming A Mirror Image Of Brutal Regimes We Used To Guard Against

  • anon

    Hasn’t the SECRET GOVERNMENT BEHIND the U.S. President, Congress, and the Supreme Court ALWAYS BEEN A BRUTAL REGIME? In terms of its sending in the Marines around the world since at least (Marine Corps Major General) Smedley Butler’s time, and even before, at the turn of the previous century, during the time of Theodore Roosevelt? It’s just that – they were brutal OVER THERE – not here at home. And average Americans bought their propaganda, hook, line, and sinker. Smedley Butler was right: WAR IS A RACKET.
    Hopefully, Americans are beginning to wake up to the TRUE History of America, that was NEVER TAUGHT IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

    • anon

      It seems that the SECRET GOVERNMENT is the International (Ashkenazi) Khazarian Mafia, which rides the wave of prosperity brought to it, by whichever people and whichever country has the manpower and the resources to keep said Mafia living large. This is why they hitched a ride on the back of the Dutch people, then the English people, and then the American people. Upon the backs of which people, and where will they hitch a ride next?

  • anon

    And now, that they are seemingly so near their ages old dream of a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT over which they (Western Int’l Central Bankers) and they alone (HOPE) to preside, as the OVERLORDS and FINANCIERS of said ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT, they will increasingly become more despotic to the very people upon whose labor they’ve fed like parasites, for the past 400 years (at least), specifically the European people (including the Royal Houses of Europe) and the American people. And, don’t be too quick to cheer when this or that event occurs that throws a serious wrench in the plans of the International (Ashkenazi) Khazarian Mafia (ie., Western Int’l Central Bankers & their Allies & minions), because there is nothing more dangerous than a flailing LEVIATHAN, that knows its death draws near.

    Fortunately, history shows that NO EMPIRE withstands the test of TIME. Just keep an eye on these BANKSTER PARASITES, because they’ll likely attempt to transition, to a NEW HOST, just as they did from the “British” Empire to the “American” Empire, into some NEW EMPIRE. Of course, they’d like it to be a GLOBAL EMPIRE, but, if they become too despotic, people will naturally revolt, en masse. Of course, they’re probably PLANNING on such (especially violent) revolts, because that’s really ALL they know how to deal with – violence. So, we need to be FAR MORE CLEVER than that, and begin to walk away from the system, in as many ways as possible, and stop feeding the Beast system.

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