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Jade Helm 16 Secretly Placed Bastrop County, Texas Under Martial Law

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I warned Texas, last Spring, that they were in danger when I wrote the article, Texas, Prepare to Defend Yourselves. I predicted that Texas would be singled out for martial law enforcement and now, it appears as if I was correct.

Lessons Learned

What did we learn from Jade Helm 15? The answer is simple. We learned that Jade Helm 15 was about moving men and material to key positions in the country where these resources could be better utlized in the following three ways:
1. Dissident extraction donducted by Special Operation Forces.
2. Martial Law enforcement.
3. Providing a cover for the preparation and mobilization which would be needed for World War III.

Say Hello to Jade Helm 16

Officially, in March of 2016,  US Special Forces are redeploying to Texas, and then presumably to other states. Jade Helm has a new operating code name, the massive drills are being called UWEX 16 short for “Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016.”

Jade Helm 15 was very covert and very dishonest when it came to dealing with the public. For example, Jade Helm 15 was not supposed to launch until July of 2015, when in fact, it launched in March. Who could ever forget the horrifying images of a Jade Helm dissident extraction drill being held on the streets of  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

 Ft. Lauderdale dissident extraction drill executed on March 27, 2015. These images should haunt all Americans.


The Official Opening of FEMA Camps Under Jade Helm 15 Exercises

Camo Grayling, a known FEMA camp, was the site of massive training for the Michigan Army Reservists and the Michigan National Guard. They say they are training for GITMO duty. Perhaps this is true. However, everyone should Google "FM 3-39.4" and make sure you are seated as you read this Army Field Manual. There are some who are misleadingly printing what I wrote last Spring about the leaked government documents which tied directly into Jade Helm 15 activities. And on reporter is casting this same link as something new to Jade Helm 16. Jade Helm 15 established the fact that the drill is about dissident extraction and mass detention in times of martial law.


One of the more telling aspects of Jade Helm 15 was the use of known FEMA Camps (e.g. Camp Grayling) for the training of detention activites with American National Guard units (e.g. Michigan National Guard) and the joint training with various foreign troops on America soil (e.g. the Danes).

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4 comments to Jade Helm 16 Secretly Placed Bastrop County, Texas Under Martial Law

  • randy0302

    What did we learn from JH 15? A lot…Dave “JH15” was a total liar! Nothing happened w JH15 at all own it Dave…. now off to 2016.

    Dave we have a Marine General as Chairman Joint Chiefs. The Traitors like you better start packing Gen Dunford will be coming for your bosses!!!

    Bring on 2016!

    Carry On!

    • Christine

      Aren’t you a bit violent there…?

      And not that I would ever want to come to Hodges’ defense but, he was actually fairly mild compared to… let’s say… Steve Quayle? Alex Jones? (Boy is that one unbearably loud!!! And very rude: the very few interviews I ever tried to hear him conduct were inaudible, with him interrupting his guest all the time and going on screaming fits of verbal diarrhea not human by any standard. The only one he was reasonable with was Paul Craig Roberts but did he ever capitalize on what Roberts never said by affirming for weeks afterwards what Roberts had presented only as hypothesis! And nothing about Jade Helm: not Roberts cup of tea).

      All in all though, you’re right. According to all those morons, we had UN trucks all over the US and packed around Texas, ready to take down that state. We had Russians in Montana, Wyoming and wherever (“Yeah, yeah”, callers would say. “I saw them and I heard them and they were speaking… Russian” from people who speak absolutely nothing but American-English and still not that well. But they could TELL there were Russians on the ground just by… the language!)

      I can’t wait to hear what they all have to say when they finally get wind of Nibiru (long come and gone, according to a few scientists). And boy will it ever get interesting if Disclosure ever takes place! Orson Wells will regret having died too early to see the real thing.

      By the way, put that Marshall Masters in that list. That guy is tad more reserved and makes a few good points but… Holy Smoke! The ego trip! And the religion behind it!!!!!!!!!

      The American world is completely insane. Just for the hell of it… does it ever cross your mind that the US were actually only supposed to be an experiment to see how far science without conscience could go before human nature started to rebel? The rest of the world seems to be rebelling before half the population is 400Lbs, social life is gone and all taste in food has been suppressed. Was American some kind of a test-tube wet dream for science without conscience?

      After all, those Georgia Guidestones were never erected anywhere else…

  • Kevin

    Simple algorithm for reading articles on SGT:

    Was article written by Dave Hodges?

    Yes – do not read
    No – proceed with reading

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