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from Intellihub:

VAN WERT, Ohio  — A strange fibrous material was once again spotted falling out of the sky.

This marks the third documented incident in the past 12 months involving a fibrous material of an unknown origin to have been dropped from the sky inside the Continental United States. But what makes government’s latest drop-spot for these ominous fibers particularly interesting, and even more concerning, is that for the first time it’s now happening outside of Arizona.

Information sent exclusively to reveals:

[…] the type fibers you mentioned in your Dec. 5 2014 Intellihub article have been falling from sky for 2 days now [Nov. 2 and Nov. 3] in our area. I have a sample in my possession. They seem to stick together at times in a clump and fall. If you block out the sun with your hand you can see them floating in the air easily. I don’t think they are spider webs as reported by some media.

The source also mentioned how the fibers were “less clumped” on Nov. 3, than on the first and second.

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