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Is Putin Our Ally in Syria?

by Patrick J. Buchanan, Lew Rockwell:

Among the presidential candidates of the Republican Party and their foreign policy leaders on Capitol Hill the cry is almost universal:

Barack Obama has no strategy for winning the war on ISIS.

This criticism, however, sounds strange coming from a party that controls Congress but has yet to devise its own strategy, or even to authorize the use of U.S. military force in Syria.

Congress has punted. And compared to the cacophony from Republican ranks, Barack Obama sounds like Prince Bismarck.

The President’s strategy is to contain, degrade and defeat ISIS. While no one has provided the troops to defeat ISIS, the U.S. is using Kurdish and Yazidi forces, backed by U.S. air power, to degrade it.

And recent months have seen measured success.

The Kurds have run ISIS out of Kobani, captured much of the Turkish-Syrian border, and moved to within 30 miles of Raqqa, the ISIS capital. Yazidis and Kurds last week recaptured Sinjar in Iraq and cut the highway between Mosul and Raqqa.

The terrorist attacks in Paris, the downing of the Russian airliner in Sinai, the ISIS bomb that exploded in the Shiite sector of Beirut, are ISIS’s payback. But they could also be signs that the ISIS caliphate, imperiled in its base, is growing desperate and lashing out.

Yet consider the Republican strategies being advanced.

In Sunday’s Washington Post, Mitt Romney writes:

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3 comments to Is Putin Our Ally in Syria?

  • randy0302

    The Syria campaign, as several current and former congress men and woman have pointed out, is an illegal war. It is an Immoral war.
    The war is because Syria has an independent central bank, would cooperate with a Russian/Iranian pipeline, has no GMO’s etc.
    Owe-Bomb-ya is waiting to import terrorists to try to flood the country. It may work in EU but not here we are too large.
    Obombya not planning to leave office. Looking forward to the military coup.

  • smiteproductions

    That’s because we’re the ones backing them, and Saudi Arabia too. You can’t expect the US to take out the very people we’re propping up. For what? A Sunni Shiite war? A pipeline through Syria? Brennan hasn’t been helping anyone but the weapons manufacturers. If there are drug pushers, there are also weapons pushers. The CIA and DoD are weapons pushers. They make money every time there’s an explosion, and every time there’s a round discharged from a rifle. It’s all about the money. War is a racket. You want a sure investment? Invest in the military industrial complex. Those companies will ALWAYS get their money.

  • Christine

    “Is Putin Our Ally in Syria?”


    Define “our”;
    Define “ally”;
    Define “Syria”;

    Putin does what Putin believes must be done to protect Russians. He gets results and his people TRUST him as head of state to stand up for them. In other words, they feel SAFE knowing that he heads their country and they can go on with their lives. Why on Earth would he ever compromise that?

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