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Interview with George W. Bush Reveals his Shocking Stupidity

from PressTV News:

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15 comments to Interview with George W. Bush Reveals his Shocking Stupidity

  • The Truth

    Ladies and Gents this was your elected President. A true representative of what the American people consider to be a leader!. WOW this is epic!

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    It was painful to watch G.B. struggling to answer questions and not making much sense.

    The founding fathers are puking in their graves, and the USA has become such a joke, that even the French are laughing at us.

    When did America die? I think the real cancer went to stage 4 back in 1913. (the creation of the Federal Reserve system and the IRS to pay back the debt-money to the big banks.)

    Even Thomas Jefferson warned about the banks, money, etc.

    Perhaps this next crash will make a better system possible to rise up from the ashes (and from the asses.)

    The corruption, stupidity, greed, evil and arrogance is so wide spread, that no reform can fix it here or there, it must all crash down and we must rebuild from the ground up after we grind it up and spit it out.

  • Troy

    Moronic Moron….I’ve listened to completely wasted drunks talk more sense.

  • joe

    The guy is a war criminal and a thief. His old man was in on the Kennedy killing and you stupid Americans are thing of electing his dumb brother. Holy F____! is all I can say!

  • Christine

    “The war came to our shore, there’s no question about that.”

    WHEN??? The last time a war “came to our shore” was… Pearl Harbor and history proves that it didn’t need to (as highly expected and anticipated as it was, everything had already long been into place in Hawaii to prevent the known forthcoming attack) EXCEPT that banks needed that excuse to get people… to authorize Congress to declare it!


    The guy is a Christian moron (fear of sin, death and hell) trying his utmost to convince himself that he did the right thing and none of what he authorized (sh*t! He did put his signature on a few things that are haunting him) will prevent him from burning in hell. That man is a terrified schlemiel struggling with his conscience.

    Why isn’t any journalist ever asking those loaded questions to Cheney? Soros? Brzezinski? Or every member of Congress who swore allegiance to Israel? Oh! I keep forgetting! They own the media and whoever is allowed to ask questions.

    Don’t harp on the schlemiels. They are not any more responsible than the Marie-Antoinettes of this world for being stupid. They don’t pull the strings! They were chosen stupid by the string-pullers!

  • Sayldog

    Yep, them voracious readers sure am stoopid.

  • KenJackson

    What did the president say that was stupid? Or did you mean Brian William is stupid? He sure was rude–arrogantly interrupting the president’s answers.

    To this day, the hateful who run the media refuse to acknowledge that Islamic terrorists (jihadiis) seek to kill all Americans. And Islamic terrorists know no national boundaries. Iraq? Afghanistan? They see them both as part of Islamistan, so Bush decided to use that to our great advantage. Instead of fighting them in the caves and mountains, where they had the advantage, he said let’s fight over here. He gave a Muslim nation FREEDOM. They love death and hate freedom, so Bush fought them by giving them freedom. The people loved it momentarily, but sadly Obama the Ignorant didn’t shepherd them so they let it slip away.

    But Brian and his pals in the media were too stupid to see it back when that video was shot. And they still are. And people who worship ABC and CNN can’t grasp the strategy so they drink the koolaid and call Bush the ignorant one.

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