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Infectious Disease in the TEOTWAWKI World

from Survival Blog:

Before we start, here’s a quick disclaimer: I am a physician who has been practicing for 11 years, so I hope I know what I’m talking about, BUT this information is written for a TEOTWAWKI scenario where routine hospital based care is unavailable and the only antibiotics you have are ones designed for pets. This article is written for the desperate times ahead. Please do not use it as a guide to infectious diseases or how you should provide care to your family now. If you or a family member are ill and the hospitals are still staffed with knowledgeable and compassionate doctors who have all the great drugs Big Pharma can produce, that is where you should go for care. I assume no liability if you use this information in a scenario in which it was not intended. So once again: this article applies to a TEOTWAWKI scenario where all you have is pet antibiotics. It should not be used to guide medical decision-making for any timeframe prior to that event.

So, “it” has hit the fan, but fortunately you had seen the writing on the wall and gotten your act together. You have food, water, shelter, defense, and first aid. You’re ready for anything.

Included in your first aid inventory is a good selection of antibiotics, and now the time has come to use them, but your OPSEC wasn’t as good as it should be and word has gotten out that you have antibiotics. The people are coming from far and wide. (If you don’t think people will travel for medical care, you are wrong. When I did a medical mission in Honduras, people were walking for 10-20 miles through the jungle to see us; so, it will happen.)

Let’s walk through a few scenarios. Here are the “patients” you have waiting in your front yard “waiting room”:

  1. Your wife has a sore throat without a runny nose or cough. It hurts to swallow. Little red spots are scattered across the back of her mouth, and her tonsils are swollen and beefy red without white spots.
  2. Your son cut his hand a few days ago, and now the cut is red, hot, and oozing puss.
  3. Your other son also cut his hand while salvaging some stuff from a nursing home. His wound too is red, hot, and oozing puss.
  4. Your grandson (who never got his vaccinations, because your son didn’t believe the “lies” of big pharma) is having coughing fits that take his breath away and end in a “Whoop” of inhaled air.
  5. Your other grandson (again who had no vaccinations) has broken out with a fever, runny nose, and rash that consists of small fluid-filled blisters on bright red spots on his skin. They itch, and when one area gets better another area gets worse.


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2 comments to Infectious Disease in the TEOTWAWKI World

  • Too Bad, So Sad

    I too am in the medical field, and it’s sad reading this knowing the writer’s field of knowledge is so narrow. He only knows about antibiotics that were programmed into him in medical school. There are so many other natural substances that act as antibiotics, but this writer is unaware of them. Colloidal silver, which is very easy to make is an excellent antibiotic. Apple cider vinegar is another excellent one and it kills strep throat quickly. Garlic is another great one. Oil of oregano, or oregano tea is great also. Also, one of the greatest factors in avoiding infection is to avoid ALL processed sugars and starches, and to avoid all junk food. Sadly, during a SHTF scenario, even pet antibiotics may be impossible to find.

  • Ed_B

    Good points for sure but during a SHTF time, junk food will be in short supply as well. Maybe that will be a bit of good news amongst all the terrible news.

    Yes, pet antibiotics will be in short supply AFTER the SHTF… which is why preppers buy and store them BEFORE the SHTF. Proper storage of them in a cool, dry, and dark place will extend their life time and perhaps ours as well. Not sure how long they can be stored under optimal conditions so am guessing 5 years? If so, then they can be replaced at that time and the old ones destroyed or recycled if your area has such a program available.

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