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How Mega Corporations Rigged the H-1B Visa Program at the Expense of Small Business

from Liberty Blitzkrieg:

“The H-1B program is critical as a way for employers to fill skill gaps and for really talented people to come to the United States,” said Ronil Hira, a professor at Howard University who studies visa programs. “But the outsourcing companies are squeezing out legitimate users of the program,” he said. “The H-1Bs are actually pushing jobs offshore.”

Those firms have used the visas to bring their employees, mostly from India, for large contracts to take over work at American businesses. And as the share of H-1B visas obtained by outsourcing firms has grown, more Americans say they are being put out of work, or are seeing their jobs moved overseas.

The top companies receiving H-1B visas in recent years, Professor Hira found, include Tata Consultancy Services, known as TCS, Infosys and Wipro, all outsourcing giants based in India; Cognizant, with headquarters in New Jersey; and Accenture, a global operation incorporated in Ireland.

– From the New York Times article: Large Companies Game H-1B Visa Program, and Jobs Leave the U.S.

Théo Négri, a young software engineer from France, had come up with so many novel ideas at his job at an Internet start-up in San Francisco that the American entrepreneur who hired him wanted to keep him on.

So he helped Mr. Négri apply for a three-year work visa for foreign professionals with college degrees and specialized skills, mainly in technology and science. With his master’s degree from a French university and advanced computer abilities, Mr. Négri seemed to fit the bill.

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    Support Elizabeth Warren, and Other Senators in IRS Crack Down on Private Equity Tax Abuse

    A group of Senators is backing the IRS effort. As we wrote in September:

    Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Tammy Baldwin, and Sheldon Whitehouse wrote a short, forceful letter supporting IRS efforts to end a long-standing private equity tax dodge, management fee waivers…

    You’ll also see that the Senators’ letter applauds the IRS for taking the position that this tax scheme was never kosher. That gives the agency the power to challenge past tax filings. This certainly appears warranted, given the strong position the IRS has taken. But heretofore the agency has been unwilling to confront large tax payers with savvy lawyers. Let’s hope Warren and her fellow Senators make sure the IRS follows through and dings the private equity miscreants for back taxes owed.

    We’ve attached their letter at the end of this post.

    Although it’s hard to muster any defense for this practice, the private equity industry may still try pressuring allies and portfolio company employees to send in organic-looking comments to defend the practice. While the IRS is not likely to be moved up to a point, if the comments are too lopsided, it may lead to backsliding, particularly on assessing taxes owed.

    Commenting is easy! The simplest way is to go here,!docketDetail;D=IRS-2015-0036, and say, “I support of the comment letter, dated September 21, 2015, submitted by senators Warren, Franken, Whitehouse, and Baldwin. I ask that the regulation be adopted as proposed.”

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