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Hospitals Crashing in Germany

from Bill Still:

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3 comments to Hospitals Crashing in Germany

  • Millicent

    The reality of the Muslim infestation of Erope is being covered up. At least, for now, the US CONgress has had the brains to stop them from coming to America. Wake up America… you are next on the list to be Islamized. Brain-Dead Americans sit and stare at football games while their country is betrayed and destroyed from within.

  • Rob

    Absolutely right Millicent

    Most anyone would/should realize its all by their(the powers that should not be ) grand design to destroy from within.
    A child realizes that already bankrupt countries getting millions of takers and killers
    will certainly bankrupt and destroy these counties including ours much faster.These nations already cannot support their own needs much less millions of zombies.

    Again I give credit to the CDC for 1 thing.Think they were the first ones to say something of the zombie apocalypse for anyone reading lamestream media.

    Arm up America before you cannot.Don`t forget the ammo.The so called president has let the gates of hell open here already and has openly said that they are coming to kill us,sisters,brothers,mom,dad,your girlfriends,wives,children….

    All of us….Do not go around scared .Be positive you are on the right side, the side of life, love and liberty.Don`t go down licking boots.

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