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Honesty Begins At Home

from Zen Gardner:

I recently had an amazingly empowering experience regarding being personally honest – with myself. Elle and I are currently visiting Spain thanks to the kind generosity of a very dear friend. It’s a much needed break for us and so wonderful seeing kindred souls again with whom we’ve grown very close over the past year, all while enjoying the wonders and hospitality of Spain which we like immensely.

It’s also been a time to work on our health and overall well being which we’ve neglected somewhat having buried ourselves in research, networking and publishing for over 8 years straight now.

We love what we do but being the obsessive compulsive man that I am I only have two speeds – off or full on – and dear Elle somehow manages to keep up with me and lovingly accommodate as well as wonderfully compliment my driven passion and crazy personality, a deeply loving relationship for which I am ever so grateful.

Taking a Health and Wellness Break

Concerns about my health are my biggest weakness. It’s probably part of my Virgo make up as well as being raised in a family with serious health issues. Whatever the source, it’s a form of fear and I’m intensely aware of it. I’ve had a wonderfully healthy life but as I’ve aged and the complications start to set in my worries have had a field day.

I don’t go to doctors but do see alternative practitioners when I need to. We resolved to make this break in Spain a time to openly assess our overall condition, from where we’ve been living to our lifestyle the past 2 years in Uruguay which has been more or less housebound. We enjoyed regular yoga and raw food before traveling but we digressed from those good habits due to difficult circumstances and lack of resources. I also gained back much of the weight I’d naturally lost prior to moving which is very humbling for me and a constant source of discouragement.

So off to Spain we went, where we are currently, and it’s been wonderful. Changes of scenery are often a form of rest and relaxation in themselves which is what we’re experiencing here. We still love keeping the website and networking rolling but somehow we have more time to be with friends, walk the gorgeous towns here, and do other activities. It could also be because we rented a car here, something we don’t have the use of in Uruguay as it’s cost prohibitive.

Kambo and Fear Facing

On our agenda when deciding to visit Spain was to take some kambo treatments with a close friend who works with this medicine. It’s not for the fainthearted as it induces very strong reactions in the process of dynamically stimulating the immune system as well as clearing other energies. We’ve found it terrifically empowering, but research this subject well and find a truly trusted shaman or practicing, awake and aware and deeply spiritual kambo administrator before partaking.

The initial effects are much like ayahuasca but rather than the long ayahuasca “tour”, the entire experience is usually over within an hour, the initial “uncomfortable” side effects wearing off within 30 minutes on average.

Prior to my first experience, I was bombarded with many fears. I have a heart rhythm issue that was a major concern, as kambo raises your blood pressure quite high at the beginning of the treatment. I was also concerned that my body may be more toxic than I thought and that perhaps the reaction would put me in a dangerous situation.

All just fears, ultimately.

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  • rich

    Even Dennis Gartman openly suspects that the gold market is rigged

    From The Gartman Letter
    Suffolk, Virginia
    Friday, October 30, 2015

    As for the precious metals, the selling late Wednesday and all day yesterday was indeed severe, and even our positions in gold/euro and gold/yen have seen severe damage wrought upon them.

    We find it hard to believe that the mere suggestion by the Federal Open Market Committee in its post-meeting communique on Friday that “liftoff” on the overnight Fed funds rate may take place at its December meeting can be responsible for this sort of egregious, serious, and now relentless selling, and we are almost of the mindset associated with the likes of the gold bugs and GATA that some malevolent “force” was behind the selling.
    However, we are not going to travel down that road at the moment and sit tight with our positions, believing that the continued “experiments” with QE undertaken by the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank shall work to the detriment of their currencies and to the support of gold. Nonetheless, the last 36 hours have been terribly dismaying. ..

    even gartman finally getting honest after all those denials???????

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