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Heavy Hearts, Heavy Metal and Eagles of Death

from Zen Gardner:

The Paris Deception

France has, on the back of the horrific slaughter of innocents in Paris on Friday 13th November, emerged as the new flag carrier for ‘the war on terror’, eclipsing both the USA and the UK – whose ‘special relationship’ is a partnership founded on the pursuit of war.

France’s president Hollande has performed the mirror like sequel of George Bush’s post 9/11 declaration of a ‘war on terror’. A war directed at the supposed perpetrators of the twin towers attack of 2001. Bush followed-up with his phony counterfeit proclamation on the need to ‘defend national security’ by invading the ‘evil empires’ of Iraq and Afghanistan, in full knowledge of the fact that the destruction of the World Trade Organisation was a carefully planned inside job.

Hollande has simply repeated the exercise, but with a fresh agenda. He instantly proclaimed ‘a state of war’ (in France) as well as a three month state of emergency lock-down across the nation ‘in defence of national security’. Actions that were quickly followed by the dispatching of France’s sole aircraft carrier to join other countries engaged in the mock pulverisation of Syria’s CIA/NATO backed ‘Islamic terrorists’, ISIL. But ISIL (ex ISIS) is in fact a decoy. A propaganda fuelled scapegoat enemy, armed and supported by the West to achieve the ruination of Syria and removal of President Assad.

It’s alarmingly clear that the carefully themed and engineered ‘false flag’ operation that stands behind the Paris attacks, repeats, almost verbatim, the rules of the game set in motion before and after 9/11- and all the other (staged) ‘terrorist’ events of the past decade.

However, none of this takes away from the fact that each time such events are enacted, hundreds of innocent lives are taken-out, and in a way that leaves no time and no chance for the victims to prepare for death. Thus, like in all such acts of murder, it means that fear is the primary emotion occupying the minds and bodies of those massacred. This, in turn, is likely to have repercussions for the spontaneous onward journey of the spirit. Such things are known to the secretive societies that mastermind such operations.

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