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Global News Centre: US Policies on Ukraine Conflict Might Lead to WWIII

from PressTV News:

The US government’s policies regarding the conflict in eastern Ukraine might lead to a third world war, an American political analyst says. “I’m very distressed to hear this new assumed role of the American government, with the Pentagon spending almost $250 million dollars to further aggression, to train Ukraine forces to fight against the Russians,” Tim King told Press TV on Tuesday.

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1 comment to Global News Centre: US Policies on Ukraine Conflict Might Lead to WWIII

  • Christine

    Many people talk all the time about WWIII. Too many. As though there was some kind of attraction in the idea of tearing everything apart and starting from scratch. It’s taken me a while to realize why. People DON’t want WWIII. They know it would be horrific and it scares them. But it scares them less than the idea of the status quo going on forever and ever.

    Historically, change has always come through “a good war”. That’s what we were taught. That’s what we repeated ad nauseam. That’s what TPTB, backed into the many narrow corners they put themselves into with no idea how to get out without exploding the whole thing, want out of. TPTB want change. TPTB no longer wants that much impotent power. TPTB know there is another way out but they are stuck in their dualistic frame of mind and so dysfunctional that they have no imagination, no vision and no courage to break from the ranks. And they are stuck in what they have inflicted for millenia and received in return: tit-for-tat. They know nothing else, hence the escalation toward WWIII we see today: in their paradigm, a “good war” will reset the clocks and kick the can farther down than they have been able so far, in times of “peace” that never truly existed in human history.

    We ALL want change and no more TBTP, TBTF and crap like that. People are craving for soundness, rationality, peace, cooperation. Can-kicking has been exhausted to its limits. So have TPTB. They are showing fatigue with the can-kicking. They are becoming sloppy. They no longer care. Blowing it all up is their only vision.

    What do you do to reverse it when you represent less than 0.1%, knowing that the power you hold is only paper-deep?

    TPTB is stuck. The 99.9% are not. We hold the key. It can’t work if we keep on with TPTB false and flawed paradigm of tit-for-tat.

    Up to us to effect change. Not them: they are incapable of it. Pity them for their narrowing corners they backed themselves into. Ignore them, see the world you want to create, work toward it. Our choice is limited: tit-for-tat or a future? WWIII is not an option and definitely not a solution. It would only be the re-beginning of failure. Another way of kicking that damn can…

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