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GATA Chairman: Gold Cartel is On All Out Attack for Annihilation!

from Silver Doctors:

With Gold Smashed to Half-Decade Lows & Negative Sentiment Reaching EPIC Levels, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy Joins the Show, Discussing:

  • A “Full Retrace”: Will $1,000 Be the ULTIMATE BOTTOM in Gold? 
  • GATA Chairman Demoted by the Silver Summit?
  • The Moves Upward Are Going to Be Historic! 
  • Murphy Explains Why “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This” 
  • Will the Pain End Soon? Murphy Warns: Gold Cartel is On All Out Attack for Annihilation!The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and GATA Chairman Bill Murphy is Below: 

I have nothing but respect for the efficacy of the Gold Cartel.  They have pulled off a miraculous feat.  The entire financial world knows that the bond market is a manipulated play toy.  In fact, it’s justified as a necessary evil.  Equities markets are almost as bad, and push come to shove most conventional finance market participants will admit, in the very least, that the equities market is managed.  But gold manipulation?  Perish the thought.  Them’s fighting words!

Thus, here we stand.  After years of advancing the threat of interest rate normalization as a reason to sell gold, I have one question to all the fools that believe in the efficient market thesis —  that information eventually is priced into markets.  How can something telegraphed every damn month for F’ING YEARS continue to not be priced into the precious markets once and for all?  Of course, we all know the answer.  Frankly, the question is a bit specious on the surface because there are countless FACTS we can point to that prove the case of ongoing precious metals market manipulation.  But I thought it would be worthwhile to point this lesser argument out because to the best of my knowledge, it hardly ever gets “air time.”

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  • d

    I am tired of hearing the same info for many years…print the names of the cartel traders that are bombing the PM daily and where they are doing it from….this might help a few people …correct a daily event….criminal event…thanks….imho

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