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Fourth Grader Threatened With Sexual Harassment Charges For Writing Love Letter

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

In a story that perfectly encapsulates the insane degree to which our society has been neutered by political correctness, a nine year old child has been threatened with sexual harassment charges for writing a love letter to his classmate.

The love letter, one of many according to wptv news, stated that the Florida boy is enamored with how his classmate “wears the same [school] uniform” and how her eyes “sparkle like diamonds.” It also notes how the boy finds his crush “pretty”, and features a heart with the words “I like you” within it.


The Hillsborough County student wrote the note in class, alerting other children to its existence, and prompting them to tease that the boy wants to “see the girl naked”.

“That’s when the principal proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t appropriate that he was writing the note and that if he writes another note, they are going to file sexual harassment charges on my 9-year-old,” the boy’s mother told reporters.

Administrators said that the notes are “unwanted,” and therefore could constitute “harassment”.

“My 9-year-old doesn’t even know what sexual harassment means,” the mother further noted, adding “He’s 9. What little kid doesn’t write love notes?”

A licensed psychologist even weighed in, telling reporters that parents should educate their children about “boundaries,” and what is and is not appropriate at school.

“What needs to happen is education needs to be provided about how to relate to this young girl or how to stay away from talking to her, if that’s the goal,” Valerie McClain said.

Perhaps some sort of re-education camp is needed to drill into this child how expressing his natural feelings and desires in a loving way is NOT acceptable.

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6 comments to Fourth Grader Threatened With Sexual Harassment Charges For Writing Love Letter

  • chris

    If this young tyke had written that to another boy, he’d be a fucking celebrity right now…. because #lovewins.

    #loveloses when you are a straight kid.

    • Dissolution

      Yeah, sadly you are probably right. Uggghhhhhh this is soo effing sad….

    • Kevin

      Sadly I doubt even that would be allowed. If the girl sent the note to the boy, it would have been ok right? How is anyone going to make their affections known if they don’t say it or write it? Is asking someone out on a date going to be considered harassment now? Forget prom and Sadie Hawkins dances.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    No one has power of this 9 year old’s conscience.
    The power of love is not controlled by any statute, nor threat of legal action.
    Their definitions are for persons, not for the 9 year old.

    One of the state codes I just read had this definition for person.
    “Person” means an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, government, governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, public corporation, or any other legal or commercial entity.

    Let it mean a 9-year old if they want to try. For the simple fact it is those things or any other legal or commercial entity, I declare the 9-yrr-old is not the legal entity, which includes the term individual.

    The boy was not acting in a legal or commercial capacity when he wrote the note.
    The case would be a fraud if brought to the public under the disguise that the People of the state of (whatever) is charging the boy for a commercial act.

    Any prosecutor bringing this to the people should bring his own rope and select his own lamppost.

    That’s my opinion.

  • monica

    Can you believe we are even having to discuss this as some sort of problem – the world is so messed up – but this is where we go when we don’t discuss and maintain within society morals and values, eliminate God as part of our society fabric (but Satan is OK, let’s put a Baphamet with children at his knees in the “heartland” of our country and remove the 10 commandments). With out God there is no understanding of justice, there is no foundation up which to build. the country, although founded by some pretty nasty personalities who actually gave allegiance to Satan (check out Ben Franklin’s history) they used the faith in God, to build a new nattion because the people who would do the work of building this country would be believers -and what an amazing Grace they received as they build a strong and blessed country – like no other – upon that faith. Look at the songs many of us older people sang – in our schools – as young people to recognize the gifts of this country – “America, America, God shed his grace on thee; and Crowned they good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining see”; or This Land is Your Land, This Land is my land ….. Our dollar bills and coins stamped with the faith of the people (not those behind the money but to reflect the faith of those who would be working for it -it’s called manipulation) It’s a pathetic mess and there is no turning it back, God help our children as the current generation is about to get a – not a slap in the face with reality – but death, as they do not know the satanic power that is about to take their souls and slam this world into destruction. I am here for as long as God deems, I’ll pray, I continue to live my life, working, going to school as life does not stop and you can’t go into a hole – but what’s coming is beyond imagining and no one has a clue as to what it will be like. If you have faith – hold on to it. If you don’t, tears come to my eyes when I pray for you.

  • Kevin

    We’re raising a generation of children to fear their own feelings, physical attractions, and social interactions with others. Kids can’t play kick ball, tag, give someone a flower or love note, hold hands, hug a friend, or make a gun gesture with their hand. The horror! How did baby boomers and gen x’ers ever make it to adulthood without the care and protection of the nanny state?? No wonder we are so politically incorrect.

    It will amaze me if any of these kids marry or form a fulfilling relationship (or even get laid for that matter) with all of this PC bullsh!t and ‘yes means yes’ and ‘no means no’. People are afraid of any physical interactions with others. I can see someone developing a written contract that must be read and signed before any sexual activity takes place.

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