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Fed’s Illusion of Control

from The Daily Bell:

Fed to hike at every meeting in 2017 … RBC chief economist Tom Porcelli forecasts … Markets are indicating about a 75 per cent chance of a US rate increase next month, the first in almost a decade. An interest rate increase by the United States Federal Reserve on December 16 is almost a “foregone conclusion” and the central bank looks set to lift rates at every second meeting in 2016, and then at every meeting in 2017, as inflation makes a startling return. That’s the view of Tom Porcelli, the chief US economist at RBC Capital Markets. A combination of real, top-line, economic growth of about 3 per cent, an unemployment rate falling towards 4 per cent and rising inflation “should embolden the Fed to tighten at every other meeting in 2016,” he said, meaning the Fed funds rate would finish next year at 1.5 per cent. – Sydney Morning Herald

Dominant Social Theme: Now the Fed will let loose. Goodbye haters!

Free-Market Analysis: Will the Fed really hike? Savvy market observers have maintained that the Fed is trapped due to the enormous size of the US national debt. It can’t hike too hard or too fast. Perhaps it can’t hike at all.

This is why we’ve been pointing out that it is preferable for the Fed to “jawbone” the economy. In other words, Fed officials travel out into the world with the words “rate hike” on their lips. But the hike never comes. It is telegraphed but not delivered. The idea is that by talking about it, Fed officials can influence markets without actually having to do anything.

One can make the argument that this has been the strategy throughout 2015. Will it also be the strategy in 2016? Theoretically, the Fed can go on mumbling about rate hikes without delivering any for as long as it wants. It has the power to do that.

But the public pressure is increasing on the Fed. Ralph Nader, on behalf of a “group of humble savers,” just wrote a letter to the Fed that was answered by no less than Janet Yellen herself. Nader complained about low rates stealing the income of people on fixed budgets. Yellen replied that low rates engineered by the Fed had helped stabilize and were now expanding the US economy.

Tom Porcelli, as we can see from the article excerpted above, does not believe that the Fed will continue to “jawbone” rates. He expects aggressive hiking in 2016. Yet we believe that the Fed knows that there is no real recovery.

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  • newfynew777

    the Fed’s “illusion”[“cartoon physics”]..
    would like to add a little bit more to Rebekah Roth’s “Methodical Illusion”[first book] that would be the illusion of changing set in stone physics,motion,and science about “supposed” jets flying into buildings..”physical” and “optical” Illusion..was listening to the Rebekah Roth-Pete Santelli,a long interview from a few month back..
    Rebekah names so many different Corporations and Companies linked to 9-11,rather hard to remeber them all w/o going back to interview,but believe it was the “MITRE CORPORATION” that was responsible for the digital art imaging on the phony planes/jets…the MITRE Corporation is a huge government contractor with 7,613 employees,its President is Arfred Grasso..MITRE does work for:
    Dept. of Defense[their main customer] Federal Aviation Administration[hmmm VERY interesting]the I.R.S. Dept of Veteran affairs,Dept. of Homeland Security,and most importantly,the National Institute of Standards & Technology or “NIST”….
    MITRE just happens to do all sorts of work/jobs on just about anything and everything that has anything to do with aviation..
    the wikipedia entry is by design I’m sure just scratches the surface in as far as what MITRE’s 7,613 employees do exactly,but we do know from Rebekah’s research they most certainly do AVIATION imagery/fakery[in-motion or motion-less]
    and MITRE’s MISSION?
    “to protect and safeguard the U.S.”homeland” against any and all threats from the air and/or air-space” [it would seem they failed miserably on 9-11 ey? but by all the awards they received after 9-11,[just like every other corporation or governmental agency that had anything to do with the utter failure of stopping 9-11,they were given awards up the wazoo.. name the aviation award,and MITRE got it AFTER can only imagine the under the table finacial bonuses,promotions,and other nicities given to its Zionist executives for so effectively fooling the rabble that “jets” slipped into the towers,when in actuality it was CRUISE MISSILES fired from the other side of the Hudson,as many videos correctly show/point out[hard to actually see them,but the implosion/fireball that we saw is in no way a jet fuel fireball..the implosion was identical to a missile explosion and a missile would be the only thing that could make it to the other side of the tower,missing the 47 vertical structural steel beams in the center of the towers..if the missile HAD hit them,it never would have gotten any further but not important can certanly bet that cordite smell was overwhelming in and above the 93rd floor where the missile entered..the “Israli art students[demolition expeerts] who basically lived in the towers and had free reign of both towers and WTC #7 for the 4 years leading up to the 9-11 false flag, placed explosives on the outer wall to create the road runner jet cut out ie..”cartoon physics”..the placement of the explosives to create a perfect jet cut out were a tad off,but were certainly close enough to fool most on planet earth including myself,although that free fall collapse [absolute pulverization of everything] both towers sent up a small flag that worked on me for about 4 yearsu,ntil i finally saw/watched Loose Change I..i threw the TV set out afterwards,knowing TV was at the very heart of my brainwashing and subliminal brainwashing,and still believe TV w/o a doubt,IS the NWO’s most powerful weapon and obviously worked like a charm on that fateful,horrific day.
    now have zero doubts that there were NO JETS flown into the WTC towers or Pentagon on 9-11
    highly recommend listening to Pete Santelli-Rebekah Roth interview if you haven’t’s a bit long,but well worth the listen if you have the spare time,as it goes well beyond the SGT interview and obviously in length of time as piece of info picked up was that the jets were not landed in Cleveland as stated in 2nd Loose Change,but instead at Westover Air Reserve Base,Westover Massachusetts[or Westover AFB,Westover MASS.]
    Rebekah importantly points out,a Westover landing by all 4 jets fits in the phony phone call time line perfectly,while Cleveland landing doesn’t..Dylan Avery was either throwing us off track with a Cleveland landing,or Avery simply still believes the jets were landed in Cleveland..[he could still be correct,as no one is 100% sure,although the phone call[s] timeline makes Westover hanger much more likely[WAFB hanger normally holds a C-5 or c-130 transport jet which is larger than 747 ,so all four 757 & 767’s could easily fit into that 2-4 story high Westover AFB hanger or other large empty hanger really….
    video below,shows just how flimsy a thin aluminum skin 767/757 really is
    the same jet UA #175 supposedly entering the South tower.. the WTC towers perimeter structural steel would not only rip and shred the jet to small pieces ,but the jet would severely crumple as well,and we WOULD have absolutely seen the jet parts falling to the bet is the nose would get 5-7 ft into the tower at best and the wings would rip off,smash against the tower,and fall to the ground[ditto Pentagon]and we’d see jet parts all over the ground below[ditto Pentagon and just as we do in ALL jet crashes,ripping and shredding the jet into hundreds if not thousands of pieces,[the jets HAD to have been fake as the perps couldn’t take the chance of even the slighest thought,and or mention of piecing the jet back together[normal FAA rules after any crash where it’s possible to do]
    this is by far the best video out there[I’ve seen] on the impossibility of there having been jets flying into any buildings that,and the John Lear Jr interviews..a pilot that is familiar with nearly every jet in the world[and his dad Jon Lear Sr.,of course built the smaller Lear jet] having flown most all of them ,and if anyone would know whether jets could slip into the towers it would be him! ,and anyone with a lick of common sense should immediately see the absolute,w/o a shadow of a doubt impossibility,of a 757/767 jet slipping into either the Pentagon or the 2 WTC towers..
    beginning at 1:50 in the video,we watch a slightly hard landing,by a 767..
    imagine just a hard landing breaking off the entire tail section and then think about a jet slipping through structural steel and concrete..still believe that exposing 9-11[and proving beyond the shadow of a doubt THAT THERE WERE NO JETS FLYING INTO ANY BUILDINGS,although there were passengers and jets on 9-11,and many passengers were in on the false flag as well,as they had to have insiders in all 4 jets,and did you..have you noticed that in all 4 jets,there were trained assassins/goons/thugs,some that could kill a man with nothing but their bare hands? another very interesting tidbit..trained assassins/killers/trained strongmen passengers[ all of them given phony names so the names mean nothing in as far as these insiders that were obviously allowed to live,and no doubt were paid incredible amounts of money to stay silent[the missing $2.3 trillion can and did pay off a whole lot of folks],and by subliminally using 9-11 in TV shows,magazines,newspapers,movies,etc BEFORE the real deal,the Oily Garks were doing their cultist-illuminat-Oily Garky duty by letting us know of the 9-11 event in advance,as they rather enjoy their sick,satanic game,giving the sheeple pre-knowledge to their sinister,demonic events,in actual and sub-liminal messaging/messages in movies,TV,magazines, in point..the April 2001 premier of the Lone Gunman on Fox,where a jet is hi-jacked and taken over remote control,then headed for a crash into the WTC tower,but pilots get back control of jet at last minute,and subsequently just barely miss the WTC tower,as they knock down the antenna wire tower atop the Penthouse[ antenna added additional footage needed to make the WTC tower the tallest building in the world at the time[well worth the 10 minutes if u never saw]
    all 4 jets had installed the insider thugs[professional killers]to keep any unruly passengers in line until the jets were landed at Westover AFB.. THAT was an absolute must..all telephone calls were made from Westover AFB hanger AFTER the jets had landed and scripts handed out to passengers and stewardesses..
    exposing the fake jets IMHO IS THE EASIST WAY key to wake up the many sheep still in a state of denial in as far as the truth of 9-11.. a flimsy jet being able to slip and glide through steel and concrete,this video below shows the utter impossiblity in as far as basic physics and science..and has worked the best for me in as far as waking up folks..I’m working on putting together a DVD-CD montage,but getting permission to use footage is next to impossible so simply lead them to the videos already up,if you care to use this 9-11 wake up approach..i want to put these criminals away for the murder of 3,000 on 9-11 and the continued murdering must be stopped as well
    .. video shows a huge dump truck slamming against one of those highway concrete dividers you see everywhere..the concrete barricade stops the huge truck,dead in its tracks,
    also Jim Fetzer,in another interview from his GCN Dynamic Duo show,has on a aeronautical expert,and he gives his expert reasoning for why the impossibility of jets entering buildings..
    Fetzer then turns the situation around..what about a 110 story high WTC tower,made up of all-connecting perimeter structural steel grid boxes[connecting both towers entire outside perimeter,along with 47 vertical,top to bottom,steel girders in both towers,all firmly bolted together with 20,000 tons of concrete,traveling 500+ MPH colliding with at a stationary 767 jet? you get the picture..ITS IMPOSSIBLE..PERIOD..including the left wing of flight #175 going BEHIND,and not in FRONT of a building standing in background in another video,that again blows the whistle on the VIDEO ANIMATION 2nd supposed jet,#175 slipping into the tower..

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