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Erdogan Pledges to Start War Over Russian Anti-aircraft System in Syria

from Prison Planet:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told CNN International his country will consider it an act of aggression if Russia takes down a Turkish plane violating Syrian airspace.

“In this case Turkey will be forced to take measures that will certainly not be discussed. And of course it would be an aggression against our rights of sovereignty and it’s the natural right of the state to protect those rights. We do not want to see any escalation of the situation in the region. We do not want to become a party to that. But those who side with Syria and escalate the tension, I think, are the responsible parties to this,” Erdogan said.

On Thursday Moscow deployed its advanced S-400 air defense system in Syria. The weapon will be used to protect the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Latakia. The Russian defense ministry posted a video of the deployment on its Facebook page.

Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said his government was “sure that Russian planes destroying IS targets [were] guaranteed not to be attacked from the US-led so-called anti-IS coalition.”

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2 comments to Erdogan Pledges to Start War Over Russian Anti-aircraft System in Syria

  • Millicent

    The Russians should target Erdogan and be done with it. If the US can call for the overthrow of Assad then Erdogan is fair game. More likely, as Paul Craig Roberts has stated: The US is using Turkey as bait so that they will employ their new jamming tech. Russia has the Ameri-cons & NATØ crapping in their pants… Turkey is just a stooge state on the US payroll; it is the hub of all Western/Israeli illegal operations in the region.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. Turkey reminds me of a Chihuahua barking at a bear through a stout fence. He’s really brave as long as the bear can’t really get to him. But remove the fence and ALL bravado would instantly disappear, as he exits the area, leaving trails of waste products for several yards along his path of escape. In this analogy, the bear is obviously the Russians while the fence is the US / NATO.

      Any number of points in all this have been sorely lacking in the “news”. For one thing, where did the Russian plane that was shot down hit the ground? In Syria, Iraq, or Turkey? This is a BIG deal, yet the silence on this point is deafening. Also, Turks absolutely despise Arabs, yet are allowing millions of them to pass through their country on their way to Europe. Why? The Turks do not care if every Arab in the world dies a miserable death, so why the “humanitarian” BS? I’d like to know just WHO is telling the Turks to do this and WHY. Again, the silence on REAL news is deafening. And last, but certainly not least, why is Turkey so bent on antagonizing the Russians? Does Erdogan really think that the US is willing to risk nuclear war with the Russians over Turkey? HA! No, we are not and that much should be VERY obvious to one and all.

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