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Drone Pilots Expose US Govt. Murder Have Bank Accounts & Credit Cards Frozen by Feds

from Spiro:

Four former Air Force drone pilots went public, exposing that many of the Obama administration’s drone strikes have been indiscriminate murder that has nothing to do with fighting Islamic terrorism. Since then, they have had their bank accounts and credit cards frozen by the federal government that they blew the whistle on.

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5 comments to Drone Pilots Expose US Govt. Murder Have Bank Accounts & Credit Cards Frozen by Feds

  • It is a known fact that greater than 80 % of the media is owned by Jews”.
    Considering that fact, and the fact that appears to be Jewish,
    how can you claim that you print the truth or at least alternate opinions of what some people claim is the truth? Especially when some people claim that the source of
    America’s problems are created, controlled and resolved by Jewish interests?

    I would like to send some articles but I’m worried about censorship and economic
    punishment as a result.

    Have you read any thing from the website: “Lies Your Teacher Taught You”?

    Please Reply.
    Sincerely yours.
    Charles Labianco

    • SGT

      We post the truth when we find it from a large variety of sources. In addition, we cover the issues posed by and caused by Zionist control of the media and out government in detail and often. That said, we do not throw the baby out with with the bath water, and choose so share articles from various sources on a case by case basis. Lastly, it should be noted that “Jews” alone are not the sole cause of all that ails us.

    • Millicent

      Charles, Be careful about posting on these sites… They are are ALL surveilled by government agencies and have paid government trolls directing and steering the topics of discussion.

  • How bout the traitorous banks that bowed knee to the feds and froze the accounts! We are about out of time America. Grace to all.

  • Paul Prichard

    They should get themselves a bitcoin wallet.

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