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Clauido Grass: Global Uprising, Refugees and Gold

from The Daily Coin:

Having an opportunity to speak with a person in Europe, specifically in Switzerland, allows for a different perspective. Claudio Grass, Managing Director, Global Gold lives in Switzerland and has a birds eye view of the events unfolding in Europe.

The conversation you about to hear covers a wide variety of topics that can not be delivered in twenty second sound bites. Claudio does a marvelous job of introducing us to some of the history and development that has lead to the events in Syria, Paris and the Middle East. We take a look at how this is effecting the everyday citizen, in Switzerland, with the flood of refugees coming into Europe. How are the Swiss handling this situation and what are the implications of the Paris attacks?

What about world war? Europe has been the setting for the previous two world wars and the people of Europe are well versed in how the current state of affairs could very easily escalate into a third world war at their doorstep.

With Switzerland being the “gold refinery of the world”, refining some 70% of all gold in the world, it would be a mistake not to find out what is happening with the gold market from Claudio’s perspective.

With the magnitude of the events over the past few weeks we spent a little longer and dived a little deeper than we have in the past. Below are two parts to make it a little easier to digest.

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