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By George! Oh Well! War? Psy..No Why?

from Zen Gardner:

Since the truth, as is it’s nature, will be revealed, whether we “Like” it or not, better we peel the layers of the ONiON by our very selves, eh?

And does not matter which way you look, war seems to be on the menu. If it has not hit one’s part of the world yet, it’s because someone has decided that it’s just not time for you to be warred on, yet.

That is a truth…..At least for the collective.

For the individual, it is entirely a matter of vibration. If we vibrate the frequency of violence, violence will come and find us. If we vibrate the frequency of Shanti (peace) Shanti will come and find us….

Some years ago, I had a strong feeling of a huge vibrational fork in the road coming up, where we as sentients would make choices that would decide for a long time what our egg-zis-tenses would be like. Sort of a high-road/low road choice point if you will….

That, in my estimation, is what 2012 was all about. That was the big shift, the tectonic event that largely went un-noticed. Do you know which road you chose? The thing about these forks in the road is that the farther you go down a particular path, the harder it is to backtrack if you think you actually wanted to go the udder way. Picture a herd bifurcating and how hard it would be to reverse tracks on a narrow road…..

So the game is and always has been a vibrational one, as was this great vibrational one. And there are con-trolling forces who will have us choose the road that is filled with violence, and the frequency of violence. This via televised wars, televised police brutality, televised fake blood false flags, violent video games, violent music, violent sport….

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