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Bitcoin Explodes Again: the Encouraging Takeaways for Stackers

Bitcoin Explodes Again

from The Wealth Watchman:

I’ve written at length about the virtues and value of silver and gold, but today I want to speak to another investment that’s getting alot of buzz right now: bitcoin.  In the last month alone, bitcoin has blown through short term expectations, showing market participants some serious action in the cryptocurrency space.

It’s been awhile since it had shown signs of life that strong.  For those who’ve been wondering, “why has been bitcoin’s price been exploding?  Why now?”, this chart underneath holds some clues for us.


Bitcoin 1

As one can see, as in most other things, when China makes a move, it reverberates for the rest of the world.  China has been dabbling in Yuan devaluations over the summer, without producing any kind of pop in the price of bitcoin, but finally, after taking more aggressive stances on capital controls, and trying to prevent capital flight(in Yuan), intense interest in bitcoin rose again for those in China, and spread elsewhere.

In less than 3 months, the price of Bitcoin rose hundreds of dollars, from just under $200, to over $500 per bitcoin.  That marks a rise of over 150% in under 90 days.  The move showcased in this zerohedge chart is impressive, to say the least!


Now, it seems bitcoin’s movement was too far, too fast, and has started a retracement, as it has backed off from $500, to roughly $370 as I type.  This is healthy in any market, as the unfolding of time is providing the market an opportunity to pause and digest the gains it made, in order to hopefully establish a new “floor”.  If the breakout upward has more room to run(very possible), then this “pause that refreshes” is what’s needed to continue.

There are several important takeaways here for stackers, in bitcoin’s latest price spike, that I want to draw attention to.  I’m doing this, because I’ve seen some in our community be rather angry or frustrated about the surge in bitcoin, while silver & gold remain very depressed in price.  To my mind, this isn’t the right response…and here’s why…

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31 comments to Bitcoin Explodes Again: the Encouraging Takeaways for Stackers

  • C.i.

    Money Launder!

    Always Makes A Profit For A While Aye.


  • woodchuck

    Bitcoin is fine until the lights go out. Until they figure out how to EMP/CME proof it I will not consider it. The feds will hobble it just like PMs also.

    • fonestar

      You’re looking pretty desperate if you are talking EMP’s to try and discredit Bitcoin. Apparently EMPs did not bother you for the last 40 years that you were using credit cards and debit cards?

      • Woodchuck

        I don’t care if people buy Bitcoin more power to them it works until it doesn’t. A Carrington Event like that of 1859 will happen again but back then it was only telegraph lines. N.Korea and Iran might learn to love US? I only use Credit cards to spend the minimal FRNs the bank stores in their digital vault for me and will barter if needed. Beans, Bullets and Bandages along with some PMs will survive most CMEs and EMPs. I will count on my can opener and mini 14 to work.

        • fonestar

          Did the event of 1859 have an effect the world over? No it did not and you can own a Mini-14 and Bitcoin (as fonestar does).

          • Woodchuck

            All I know about the event was the impact on the USA. Even if it was localized to a region or continent that would be enough to impact you and all that live there to greatly change or even end life in that impacted zone and surrounding areas. Just visualize the chaos across USA and the world if just New York was targeted. The Domino effect would be “Huge” as Trumpf would say. Remember 9-11. The world is so interconnected now. If if hit the islands or an African country back then there was nothing to fry. I would rather go to barter with some physical stuff than trying to point at a print out that shows you have so many electrons piled up somewhere that have some value. It could be a collapse of the grid in Europe, Japan or USA from Cyber attack and not even a CME/EMP that could collapse everything. Like I say folks can do as they wish but for me I will revert back to the things that have been proven over the millenniums.

  • lastmanstanding

    Has anyone actually seen a physical bitcoin?

  • glitter 1

    Many are frustrated that they see BTC moving up and quickly,leaving gold and silver floundering still under the thumb of the manipulating Banksters/Crimex. One should not be surprised at the action of this electronic cashless system in it’s embryonic stage.I mean after all TPTB have telegraphed their intentions(longer term)that they want a cashless sytem,the ultimate in control,and they want it starting in 2016.

    “We need to institute a cashless system by 2016” – David Rockefeller 2013

    Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo their intentions are to RFID Chip everyone,but first you have to establish a cashless electronic system in order to do that,right?
    Right now they are conditioning the sheeple to accept/desire an electronic “Money System”,just like they have conditioned the masses over the last 75 years to accept/desire credit/debt,credit cards,debit cards moving now into smart phone payment with cube/groupon etc,not only do the masses accept it,they love it,because it’s oh so cool to pay with your smart phone.

    Yes,TPTB are right in your face telling you what their plans are and people just keep lapping it up.When a NWO Architect like David Rockefeller tells you/announcing something it’s because he/they are moving towards a goal.

    “The name of the game is control” – LW

    When they take your cash away it’s because they are implementing “Control” and your ability to be anonymous,which means your privacy/freedom/liberties.Once they have herded humanity into their total control system,they’ve got you lock,stock and barrel,done,stick a fork it it!
    You see,TPTB have always been there and as technology has progressed,they have always controlled it and use it to their advantage first and foremost.The electronic currencies will be no different regardless of what the naysayers/supporters think or want.It’s all going/moving in one direction and maybe it isn’t plain to see just quit yet,because it’s just in the early stages of acceptance.Given the timing of events,things can and will speed up.Why is it so difficult for otherwise intelligent people to see/understand what is taking place.We have much history to reflect on to see how TPTB have used major events,which they bring about,to soften up the masses to institute their plan(s).This time around will be no different.

    “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”
    ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

    • Howard Roark

      GREAT post, “glitter 1″…SPOT ON!!!

    • lastmanstanding

      G1…once again you are spot on.

      I can scarcely comment anymore on all of these stories and posts. I seldom read the articles, selectively listen to the interviews but always read the comments from those of you like me.

      All I can say is prepare to be on your own. If you are able to build a few allies…great. The commitment of people today towards others is nearly non existent let alone helping one another do…anything.

      Food for thought…was watching a deal last night on the travel channel about finding Genghis Khan. (my spelling of Genghis is wrong but I can remember exactly how they spelled it)

      The man had power, had the largest empire ever recorded and did it all in about 20 years…on horseback and with primitive weapons…thousands of miles, etc., etc…

      The travel guy attempted to locate Khan’s burial site using state of the art everything and what did I come away with…that some bad ass from a thousand years ago was way fucking smarter than most of us on the planet, even after death and still has the protection of the Mongolian people. All of them.

      No commitment like that here in the USA, fUSA, or USSA…whatever you want to call it.

      “don’t down without one helluva fight”

    • Don

      Overlooked the fact real people came up with this and have made it their own.
      They keep trying apple pay, google pay, the jp morgan crypto, etc….none seem to catch on.

      Someone took their plan, turned it around on them, piggybacking on their internet designed to survive a nuke war, made the info transparent for all to see, and still btcers are stabbed in the back by those that should be their brothers in arms.

      Thanks for not being a fascist like it appears many of your readers are SGT, demanding everyone think like them. No better than the statists currently in power.

  • Don

    Easy to tell who is in this for selfish reasons, rather than benefit of all humanity.
    Everyone of you should be cheering the rise of anything but frn.
    Sure gold and silver will be last, strongest men standing. But ANYTHING other than frn is a victory.

    Perhaps if this hate and venom was reserved for the true enemy…raises the question of exactly who these posters are….

  • Eric

    Hmmm this might have something to do with the price slam in gold and silver in anticipation of one of the strongest delivery months ever. Get the sheep on the bitcoin wagon and get them out of honest money like gold and silver.

    It costs more bitcoins than dollars to stack silver. I’ll be stacking silver. When the lights go out, bye bye to ALL digital currency.

  • Guys, the Blockchain is a decentralized, autonomous system. Thus, drawing connections/parallels/implications with NWO plans for a cashless society are inaccurate and based on a fundamental misunderstanding of BTC. Bitcoin represents the antithesis of top-down control.

    • willygroper


      That’s why Blythe pushes it.


      Tell me again who she worked for? Oh, and what agency was she almost appointed to before social networking lit up like the 4th of July?

      There’s a misunderstanding alright.

  • Dirty Larry

    It’s like I said before – $hitcoin. Shitcoin!

  • Christine

    Personally, I remain suspicious of bitcoin. For one thing, it is “virtual”. Backed by… what again?

    For another, JPM and GS invested in it, all the while denigrating gold and silver (although stocking on both unofficially). From the moment WS shows any interest in anything, I know it will be manipulated to the extreme and to their exclusive advantage: they’ve proved themselves all along with everything they touched.

    I want no part of bitcoin and as little as possible with WS.

  • KRELL427

    Bitcoin has done its job. It diverted alot of money out of the metals just like GLD and SLV have done so gold and silver could be accumulated at discounted prices.Keeping the metals low also keeps the fiat ponzi scheme going.At the end of the day someone will be holding worthless promises. We will watch it play out.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Elite Open Society and Bitcoin Part 1. Part 2 coming soon.

    • Christine

      Sorry Matrix,

      30′ of electronic voice and no face don’t entice me to waste my limited time on Earth watching further. I don’t get my teaching from machines.

      I will get my Bitcoin teaching from humans I can stop when I don’t understand and can question afterwards. You know… what human beings do?

      In the meantime, Bitcoin is out for me.

  • The Truth

    Like every pill needs lab rats to test them out to see what the prognosis will be, even a new financial/cashless society needs the same rats to do the same. Many speak of freedom, but they are FREE to be DUM, thus they fight for FREEDUM instead of Freedom. I wondered what a Bitcoin looked like until I tried to bite into one and lost my tooth. You all can imagine how painful that experience was. Now can you all imagine how painful it would be if TPTB turned off all chips/cards and Bitcoins? Everyone is looking for a chip implanted in their bodies, they don’t understand that their minds believing in a system and its controlled money, is already under the control of the Mark of the Beast.

    The easiest way to dupe people is to get them to believe they are getting rich by chasing phantom profits.

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