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Austin Doctor Caught on Tape Seeking Intact Fetal Heads from Aborted Babies

by L.J. Devon, Natural News:

A new undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress reveals the horrors and illegal practices occurring at Planned Parenthood, the top feticide foundation in the US. In the video, a 2nd trimester abortion provider from Austin, Texas openly admits to the strategies used to extract intact fetal organs, extremities, and heads. The body parts are donated to “scientific research” to create new pharmaceuticals, among other ghastly-derived modern day science hokum.

Investigators posing as representatives for a fetal tissue procurement company conducted the interview on October 12, 2014. In the interview, abortion provider Dr. Amna Dermish describes how fetuses are meticulously removed from the womb to keep as many body parts intact as possible.

Dermish admits to using ultrasound to guide the fetus into certain breached positions. The fetus is then delivered partially (as in a partial birth abortion) so the body parts remain intact so they can be sold or donated to biotech companies.

Abortion providers are so callused to exterminating human life that they laugh and joke about handling a baby’s precious organs and extremities. From previous videos, baby body parts are often referred to as “line items” or “products of conception.”

Since exterminating a fetus is unethical from the start, there is no accountability or oversight during the abortion process. Hell, abortion has turned into an organ harvesting industry! Dr. Dermish describes how she was trained to conduct an organ harvest, “So usually what I do, if it’s a breech [feet first] presentation, I’ll remove the extremities first, the lower extremities [legs] and then go for the spine and sort of bring it down that way. Dr. Dermish strives to keep the torso intact. She calls it a “trunk” and uses it to efficiently bring down the spine. Dr. Dermish says that after 18 weeks gestation, she can deliver the fetus more intact by using laminaria and leaving the fetus in the womb for 24 hours. This allows a 2 to 4 centimeters dilation to make the organ harvest that much easier.

Dr. Amna Dermish was trained by Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nuscatola who is seen in previous videos describing ultrasound guided techniques to abort babies while keeping their organs intact.

Digoxin is used to kill the fetus after 20 weeks and Dr. Dermish performs abortion up to 21.6 weeks.

Some abortion providers “are really into” organ development so they will schedule procedures during specific gestations periods so they can ‘get off’ on the differences of organ development at different stages. Talking about a fellow colleague’s fixation with the organs, Dr. Amna Dermish said she is “really into organ development.” “Yeah, she’ll pull out like kidneys, and heart, and like heart we frequently see at 9 weeks and she always looks for it…its just incredible. At 10, 11, 12 weeks she’s like trying to find the kidneys and any of the organs of that gestation.” “It’s cute,” were the words used to describe it.

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