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Are We Serious Or Not?

from The Burning Platform:

Time to cut the crap.

After 9/11 we played the politically correct game.

We refused to profile.  No, not all Muslims are terrorists; not even close.  But essentially all terrorists are Muslims.  We didn’t choose that, they did.  It’s not “wrong” to take note of the characteristics of the people who are trying to kill you and use that set of characteristics to kill them first.  That’s called being smart.  Strip-searching a white old lady with leukemia wearing an adult diaper and trying to take one last trip to see her family before she dies rather than spending our resources on those who are part of the group that attacked us is an outrage.  That happened here, in my county.


We refused to respond with overwhelming, outrageously-over-the-top violence in response.  Yet that’s how you deal with this sort of thing — all out of proportion to their damage.  You make it so expensive to attack you in terms of both material and their lives that they rethink their willingness to do so.  One of the buzzwords was “proportionality” in the days following 9/11.  That was and is stupid; if someone threatens to kill you the response is not to try to find some way to “contain” them or “bring them to justice.”  You instead blow them to bits.

We must take the glamour out of their game.   They want to run social media videos with menacing dudes in black robes threatening to (or actually) cutting off people’s heads?  We run video of an A-10 turning a few of them into red vapor, and every time we see some of their social media we respond with some of ours — new, different, and varied every time, but along the same central theme: There won’t be enough of you left to be counted by Allah when you get there, and you’re going to see him now.

We refused to go where the evidence led.  Specifically, we refused to go after the funding and state support for these jackasses.  Worse, we actually continued to sell weapons and provide material aid and comfort to the states that were involved, never mind trading with them.  There’s dumb and dumber, and this falls into the latter category.  Bullets, bombs and guns cost money and money is traceable.

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