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ANOTHER annual silver supply-deficit (Reuters)

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

There was another laughable half-truth out from the mainstream media concerning the silver market today. Reuters (which now also controls GFMS “consulting”) has released more of its “research” on the silver market. It tells us that the silver market is about to have another, annual supply-deficit for the “3rd consecutive year”.

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Why is this so funny? To get the joke, you need to understand about the “record-keeping” which has been done in the silver market, by the crooked “consultants” who have been our primary source for information on the gold and silver market for (at least) the last 15 – 20 years.

Three years ago (lol), these Liars changed the way in which they reported on silver supply and demand. Prior to this; these pathetic clowns simply pretended that “supply” precisely matched “demand”, every single year, down to the last ounce.

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How did they engage in this ridiculous farce? Simple. What they called “supply” and “demand” was NOT supply and demand. What they called “supply” was simply the amount of silver that had been sold that year, and what they called “demand” was simply the amount of silver that was bought. Thus all the Liars were reporting each year was that the amount of silver that was sold matched the amount of silver of bought.

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As far as I know; I’m the only commentator who pointed to that absurdity (and mocked it) over and over again. So, finally, three years ago the Liars began coming up with (quasi) realistic numbers on silver supply/demand, and as soon as they did so, we have seen a “supply deficit” every year since. Surprise! Surprise!

Inventory-Fraud Increases in Silver Market

There has been a supply-deficit in the silver market EVERY YEAR going back to at least the 1980’s, when the banksters crashed the price of silver to a 600-year low (in real dollars). Three years ago the banksters stopped pretending that there was no deficit. However, as the typical liars that they are, instead of acknowledging the previous fraud in their reporting on this market, they are now pretendingthat the “deficit” itself is something new.

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Silver Going On 3rd Consecutive Annual Shortfall, Should Be Price Supportive – Thomson Reuters GFMS…on-Reuters-GFMS.html

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