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American Extremists

from Verify Events Research:

Verify Events Research presents American Extremists. This is an expose of race relations in the United States and the bleak future that await us if we don’t change course and reach out to other races and cultures within the US. Racism is a touchy but important subject. It has and continues to be used by governments and the rich throughout history as a powerful and effective political weapon of divide and conquer and to rally people for war.

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2 comments to American Extremists

  • save_america1st

    and gee, now we (white, conservative, Constitutional, Christian, 2nd Amendment supporters, etc. etc.) don’t even need to be called “racists” anymore. The psycho-Left have figured out how to label 100% of any and all white people world-wide.

    They’ve stirred up the intolerant and the ignorant, and now the rest of us are all supposed to be guilty of “white privilege”.

    We’re all just supposed to give up and give everything away because we’re white. We don’t even have to be racist or accused of racism anymore. How convenient for all these scumbags, right?

    It’s just like with the climate bullshit. The intolerant Left now want to put everyone in jail if we don’t believe all their lies about “global warming” or any other iteration of their bullshit climate propaganda.

    Or just like Marine Le Pen in France…they arrested her for speaking the truth about violent muslims…they killed 2 birds w/ that one stone w/ her though since she was most likely going to be elected their next president. So they accuse her of racism and put her in jail.

    This is the NWO trying to use full force dominance over the Western world to oppress all white people in order to to bring on full chaos, crisis, civil and world war so that they can take over the entire world with their one world governance bullshit.

    They’re pulling out all the stops right now because they’ve been losing a lot of these social and political battles over the last several years. So now they’re going all out against us w/ the most ridiculous and crazy shit anyone could ever imagine.

    It’s a full on attack and we have to keep our heads straight with this. They’re trying to provoke us any way they can so that we lash out in a bad way. And if any of us do they will be ready to pounce with their propaganda media to smash us. That’s how they’ll continue to try to take our guns.

    So we have to just be patient. But we also have to be majorly prepared. Because they’re going to keep at us. They’re going to throw everything they’ve got at us. That’s why they go after people’s land, go after our children, or go after our guns and other possessions and our fundamental rights. That’s why they attack Christianity or TEA Party conservatives for any little thing and accuse us of the most idiotic shit. The media is on their side and quite frankly so is this entirely corrupt and treasonous government from top to bottom inside and out.

    They use the tax system against us, they use the health system against us, they even use GMO food and fluoridated water against us. They use technology against us. False laws, unconstitutional laws and illegal judges and courts.

    They’re using the monetary and banking system against us. They even use our own children against us by indoctrinating them w/ all this psycho bullshit every day. It’s non-stop from every direction.

    But they’re doing all this out of sheer desperation at this point. They’ve been patient for well over a hundred years…waiting and waiting for technology to catch up to their ultimate goals so that they could really unleash the craziness they always intended. But at the same time technology is waking millions of people up.

    They understand this and now they know it’s a serious race against time to take over as fast as possible before too many more people world-wide wake up to what’s going on.

    I think it’s too late for them and I think they know it too which is why they’re going full-retard with everything AND the kitchen sink right now.

    And everyone knows you never go full-retard, right? haha

    So I think if we just keep preparing, keep trying to wake others up, be patient but seriously prepared for any and all fights, then when, NOT IF, the shit hits the fan at some point, we’ll be ready and we’ll win in the end.

    It ain’t going to be easy folks. This is a battle for the ultimate control of the entire planet. This is a battle between good and some serious fucking satanic evil mother fuckers.

    We just have to say, “FINE! Bring it, mother fuckers!”. And I also believe they will never be able to use the good people of all our armed services against us. They are awake. They know they’re being led by some sell-out, treasonous scumbags, and a treasonous cabal of government scum.

    They will be on our side when the time is right also. So keep that in mind, folks.

    Freedom ain’t easy and it ain’t free. We know we have to fight for it. Those fuckers know it too. And they know at some point once they cross that ultimate fucking line with people like us they’re going to get the fight to end all fights.

    It’s the only way. And it’s just a matter of when…so just keep preparing mentally and physically and we’ll do good.

    Thanks SGT for all you guys do!!!!! And let’s make this Thanksgiving an extra special one.

  • Hayden

    This continued bullshit is completely driven by jewish nation wreckers. According to that ilk, the only way to end racial tension is to entertain every little wimper by members of the eternal victim classes.

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