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American Exceptionalism on Display

from Peter Schiff:

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9 comments to American Exceptionalism on Display

  • Eric

    That dumbass falling all over the orange juice gets me every time. What an idiot!

  • Timco

    Wait until it’s food they’re fighting over, instead of useless consumer goods. The guns and knives will come out. You haven’t seen anything yet. I deal with the gov. every day (reluctantly), and I assure you they are getting ready for a crash. I urge my fellow SGT readers to prepare while you are still able. I pray to God you listen to me.

    • Eric

      Yep. This is not the time to kick back and watch the show. Grab a few more cans of soup, an extra roll of paper towels, more toilet paper, crackers, popcorn, a tomato plant, whatever.

      It must be hell having to talk to those brain dead zombies every day Timco. I feel for ya.

      • Timco

        Believe it or not, most of them aren’t bad people. The one thing they all have in common is fear. Fear of loosing their job and pension. They are spied on, intimidated and watched constantly. Most outsiders view the gov. as one big happy fraternity. It is not. It is a miserable backstabbing culture where there is constant fighting and paranoia within. They are afraid to talk. I say it again. They are getting ready for a collapse.

    • Ed_B

      Roger that @Timco. Those of us who are among the Awake And Aware (AAA), know this and are prepping for it. It does not hurt to be reminded of it from time to time, however. Agree completely on the guns and knives coming out when it is food and water that are in short supply. People like these will become frustrated and then enraged quite easily. When that happens, stores will be looted and then torched. Next thing that happens is a lot whining and crying about “We ain’t got no mo sto’s down in da ‘hood”. Other riots that have been bad had the same result. Without stores to cash government checks or use their EBT cards, all hell will break loose. Got ammo?

  • anon

    That is definitely some “exceptional” behavior, and really makes me proud to be an American (facetious comment)(ie., associated with total morons who just happen to be Americans).

    • anon

      The ONLY reason why the term “exceptional” was originally applied to Americans by the “Jew”-ish (ZIONIST, Ashkenazi-KHAZAR-) owned MSM and Academia, is because Americans have been fighting and dying for their NWO all through the 20th Century, right up to today. “They” use the term to either stroke our EGOS, or conversely to denigrate us to our faces.

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