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A Half-Century of Gold, War, and Costs

from Gold Silver Worlds:

In round numbers, these wars (in today’s dollars) were tremendously expensive:

Vietnam War: Estimated cost is $740 Billion
War on Drugs: Estimated cost is $1,000 Billion
War on Terror, including Afghanistan and Iraq: Estimated cost is $1,700 Billion and counting
War on Poverty: Estimated cost is $22,000 Billion

Total estimated war costs – about $25 Trillion.

Really? Value received?

The following are my opinions and they are certainly not shared by everyone, so read with that caveat in mind.

In a sensible world a government would declare war, ask citizens to accept higher taxes or use accumulated national savings to pay for the war. In that sensible world, the war would produce a benefit to the country, hopefully in assets, but certainly in less tangible items such as protection of borders and internal security.

So how is the US government doing?

  • Vietnam War: Benefits to the United States were difficult to see. The “Red Menace” story and the “Domino Theory” failed to satisfy most people. The war was expensive in dollars and lives. Many people fail to see any good reason for the war other than an excuse for military contractors and bankers to increase profits.
  • War on Drugs: Certainly the drug dealers and gangs liked it since it massively increased their profit margins and revenues. Many people were imprisoned so the private prison corporations benefited. Large banks profited from money laundering. But illegal drugs are still prevalent and have not been eliminated.
  • War in Afghanistan has stretched into its second decade. Where are the benefits? More opium and heroin are available on the street at less expensive prices but otherwise ….
  • Wars in Iraq: These did not work out well for the US.
  • War on Terror: The Homeland Security Agency was created and TSA grew more important. Security has been increased, but at what cost?
  • War on Poverty: Much poverty still exists in the US, possibly more than before the war on poverty was initiated. Government programs, number of government employees, and debt have expanded immensely. Positive results are difficult to find.

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