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51% of US Muslims Want Shariah

from Bill Still:

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14 comments to 51% of US Muslims Want Shariah

  • oneno

    Unfortunate indeed!

    Someone needs to acquaint these with the NAME GAME fraud. All religions are a tool to control the masses.

    If these truly understand the term ALLAH sharia would be something they practiced within themselves without imposition on others around them.

    These haven’t learned a thing in all the years of their conditioning.

  • c.i.

    You should be afraid.

    Very afraid.

    Later is not good in 20 years time.


  • Gnostic

    The entire highly publicized Sharia is designed to fuel Islamohobia & division between Christians & Muslims, It is red herring. We NEVER hear about The Noahide Laws in the Zionist controlled media,

    We are already under Talmudic “Noahide Law” signed into law by crypto-Jew George Bush Sr. in 1991. Noahide Law requires beheading those who worship false gods & idols.

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      Dear Gnos,
      When it’s true, it’s not a “phobia”. I never got to experience the middle east by going there, I got to experience the middle east by living in what is described as the BIGGEST population of Arabs in the USA (perhaps as many as 200k-500k arab muslims living around the Detroit area).

      I even dated a Lebanese lady long ago, I decided to learn about “her religion”, and not only read the Qu’ran from cover to cover, I also got some books about the good, bad and ugly things of islam.

      The more I learned, the less “Phobic” I became because my fears grew for GOOD, genuine reasons.
      Now I’m not “Phobic” at all, I just hate islam 100% and know it’s as much a threat as a pack of rabid dogs in a daycare center. Next to Detroit, is the heart of the muslim population, the city is named “Dearborn”, was the home of Henry Ford and Ford Motor company, but with all the muslims who “invaded” it is now referred to as “Dearbornistan”.

      Just about every year, we read LOCALLY of some arab man, brother, husband, father, etc, who MURDERED his wife, sister, child for “Sharia violations, family honor etc”, and often times, the head was CUT OFF,, yes,, this happens inside the USA, Michigan, Florida, etc etc.

      It’s not a phobia to want to eliminate a disease. Dividing islam from others is GOOD, because Islam shows that “if Mohammad did it, it’s GREAT”,, such as “Marrying little girls as young as 5, & “Consummating” (raping) them at 9. Anal sex with little BOYS is allowed. Killing women and infidels is allowed, in fact, it’s NOT murder to kill any infidel at any time because it’s going “Allah’s will”. It’s GOOD to kill infidels.

      Their “religion” actually demands for them to LIE so as to gain advantage, and then, when in power, institute “radical islam” everywhere (it’s not really “radical” when they are ALL commanded to do it, and they are doing it more and more, not less and less.)

      I’m aware that on paper, the Christian/Jewish religions make the same, violent demands, but such violence has faded into the past for these, but NOT the case for Islam.

      Muslims today, still buy, sell, rape and kill SLAVES. Mohammad had slaves, raped captive women after murdering the fathers, husbands & brothers, so it’s GOOD for ALL muslim men to do anything that Mohammad did. To complain or condemn anything about Mohammad, is to risk death.

      So dear Gnostic, the philosophy of “let’s all get along” is wonderful, it just won’t work with islam.

      I’ve had some great conversations with some of my muslim Detroit/Dearborn muslim friends, and logic really expands their thinking, or makes them mad.

      Such as, if Allah really exists, is all knowing, and demands the entire world to be populated only be muslims, then why was he so ignorant that every good muslim who moves to the north or south pole MUST starve to death during Ramadan when that area experiences 6 months of DAYLIGHT.
      (Ramadan Month says NO eating or DRINKING during daylight hours.) Duh? Hahaha.

      Or, since all Good Muslims must make the “Prayers” 5 times each day, they would be forbidden from going into space, because it’s always night, AND the prayers take about 10 minutes, they MUST face MECCA, but in orbit, the craft circles the earth about every 20 minutes, so they’d have a hard time rotating to face mecca and do 50 minutes of prayers in just 20 minutes and never have time for eating, drinking, sleeping or crapping.

      So why would their “Allah” make only some restricted parts of ONE planet OK for islam, and all the rest of the planet & the universe OK for the Infidels? They never have an answer for it and want to chop off your head for being too logical.

      • gnostic

        @ Craig, you say…..

        “Now I’m not “Phobic” at all, I just hate islam 100%” well I hate Judaism 100%

        I have been reading your posts & howard roarke is correct about you, take your jew pension & gov’t neocon money & stick it., you are a coward & a liar. Sharia nor Muslims are not the primary threat, they are the pawns of Jews.

        You either get it or you are a traitor or a dumb ass, either way kiss off.

        • Eric

          The jews took all the US gold. The muslims yell at us from 1000 miles away after the US zionist controlled military bombs their homes and destroys their lives.

          I don’t worry about the black friday shoppers, or the desperate sheep, or the muslims or blacks. I worry about the shifty jew swindling us out of ALL OUR MONEY!!!

          • Craig escaped from Detroit

            Putting blame where it belongs is needed, yes, and I am somewhat aware of how the Jooz have perpetrated & infiltrated SO many things in history and today more than ever.

            But, having said that, and knowing something of the evil ways, still won’t put food in my mouth.

            To eat, I must prep and grow my garden.

            To survive the money swindling, I must keep stacking.

            I focus on the survival of myself, my family, friends and community. But I fear it will become something of a “triage” situation. Limited resources must first go to myself, then my family, then my friends, then my community, and lastly, to strangers.

            As my supplies run lower, means fewer will benefit from my diligent preps.

            Perhaps the Koch brothers, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Ben Shaloam Bernanke, Alan Greenspan can prep enough food to save the world, but I don’t have all that stolen money as they have collected.

            My little money, has always been honest money. Never steal from anybody, never cheat anybody, and try NOT to be cheated either.

            I enjoy the revelations of Brother Nathanael, he’s a very good presenter of some of the hidden truths about the Jewish workings in the world. I think his short, direct, entertaining, revealing videos are amazingly effective in getting the truth out there. The rabbit hole is SO deep, and is a huge spider web of lies and controls.

            But I first and foremost, must save myself from this crash. I’ll deal with less immediate problems when I have the time, energy, power, etc. I think I’m gonna be too busy surviving to have much impact on world criminalities now,, and perhaps never. We shall see.

            I’m keeping my eyes and ears open to it. I’m not asleep anymore.

            • gnostic

              Craig, It’s bigger than you or I or self preservation or Guns n Ammo, or Silver, That is not enough “man does not live by bread alone”

              This is a spiritual battle, fight it with your heart & soul even if you must die broke doing it.

              • Craig escaped from Detroit

                Yes Gnostic, it is a spiritual battle. Things begin/born in the spirit, grow into the physical existence.

                “Thoughts are THINGS”. (and THINGS are THOUGHTS).

                But I prefer to see the enemy die for HIS belief rather than me. If the enemy wants to die for his plan? I’d have no problem helping him to achieve his goal and let ME survive it.

                I will someday die, and hopefully, I will have not added on grain of evil or suffering to this world or my fellow man/woman. I do try, both spiritually, physically, financially, and logically, to add GOODNESS to the world around me, with patience, truth, help, assistance, and money when able to do so.

                I don’t bend over backwards for evil, or to support any of it, but sometimes I do keep my mouth shut (pick your battles, don’t step on land mines, there are some battles you cannot win, and would be stupid to engage.)

                You know like they say?
                “Never try to argue with an idiot, because first he will drag you down to his level, and then will beat you with experience.”

                Some of the huge suffering in the world, can make me very sad, want to cry, and the huge evil, both the open and the hidden evil, can make me very angry and want to find some way to fight it, and I get frustrated when I can do nothing. (Such as Wall street frauds, gov’t, business, etc.)

                So I have to keep focused on putting my little energy & resources into things that will sustain me and those I care about. There are some I care about, but they don’t believe what is coming, and they may be “un-helpable”. But I cannot let such sadness defeat my own resolve to make it thru this next, new rebuilding of a better world on the other side of this crisis.

                Good luck to all of us, to make a better world from the ashes. That’s my hopeful dream.

      • Eric

        “Just about every year, we read LOCALLY of some arab man, brother, husband, father, etc, who MURDERED his wife, sister, child for “Sharia violations, family honor etc”, and often times, the head was CUT OFF,, yes,, this happens inside the USA, Michigan, Florida, etc etc.”

        At least they didn’t commit suicide because they were forced to marry their first cousin.

        • Craig escaped from Detroit

          I read the story of the Jewish women who committed suicide after forced incest marriages, abuse, etc at the hands of the Hasidim culture control, slavery, etc.

          Sad, stupid, etc. But hey, such massive “in-breeding” will lead to their own demise. Well deserved demise.

          Give somebody enough ROPE to hang themselves, and they will be successful at it.

          When I first read about the “Mohels” sucking some blood from the circumcision of infant babies, I was horrified at their ancient, barbaric, evil practices was even worse than I ever knew about, and still occurs daily around the world.

          It was the case in NYC? where some babies died from HERPES transmitted by the “Mohel” during this evil ritual.

          I still miss George Carlin. Love the clever line “Science builds airplanes, and RELIGION flies them into buildings.” That sums it up with the fewest of words.

  • oneno

    @Craig you’re sounding like one of the “tribe”.

    If what you described is really happening, then you are going to have to stand-up with your community and engage in a dialog with these fundamentalists.

    As far as I know, “In Islam, there is no compulsion in matters of faith.” Since, this group is not ruling the US, they have to practice their faith within the laws of the region where they administer their own law.

    If you have spent time within their community and have mastered some level of Arabic and have read the Quran, it is your responsibility to assert what is bolded above in defense of those sentenced with harsh punishment.

    If the punishment involves killing, maiming, … , then those inflicting punishment themselves are guilty of criminal offenses under the Criminal Code.

    Dialogue and Civil Society must prevail where there is plurality. This is something that all of us are going to have to get used to for as long as over-population remains a subject of covert control by government instead of conscious and voluntary control by all living on this Earth.

    There is also the law of action to contend with. Certain governments have taken it on themselves to be the FREBRICKETS of the world. Blow-back is to be expected if dialogue and efforts toward civil society fail.

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      A curious, useful diversion in “islam/Qu’ran” is that it’s NOT arranged CHRONOLOGICALLY, they organized the suras (verses) by physical SIZE to make it look nice.

      So often times, when there is some bad sounding verse in the beginning, and APPEARS that a “Later verse” changes things, that is not always the case. Often, the violent, harsh verses were created later in time, and take precedence over the good sounding verses.

      There is no redeeming islam, not ever. In my younger years, I thought it was “good”, helpful religion, etc, and boy, it sure took a lot more studying to dig deeper and learn how evil it is, and it’s cleverness and confusion never ends. And the blind faith of ANYBODY in the world, who believes their religion, is SO hard to get them to question things that MUST be questioned.

      I think it would be better to become a JEDI follower than anything else on this planet. The non-descript helpful FORCE, etc. Sounds a LOT like the Deism of the founding fathers.

      The Federation of Planets with the Prime Directive, sound a lot like the way God seems to operate. (that is, NO measurable, quantifiable evidence at all, just some fuzzy feeling inside trying to justify some spiritual God who never shows himself for thousands of years, nor able to heal a single amputee despite billions of prayers.)

      What all powerful God cannot heal even ONE of his devoted children from a simple loss of a hand or foot? Too much for him?

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