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Primitive Living Skills: Creating Off-Grid Light Sources

from Ready Nutrition:

With just a flick of a switch, we have light. So many of us have become accustomed to the convenience of electricity that we’ve forgotten how to get along without it. A campfire or the light cast from a fireplace will certainly provide light, but it’s not very convenient or portable.
Field scientists have discovered fossilized campfire remains of charred bones that provide evidence that pre-date Homo sapiens. These remains give evidence that while those humanoids may have learned to take advantage of naturally occurring fires more than one million years ago, they hadn’t figured out yet how to kindle a fire on their own.

The evidence that early humans had learned how to master fire and light are the images found in deep caves in Western Europe; the most famous of these being in Lascaux in southwestern France.  These cave paintings date back about 15,000 to 30,000 years ago.  The caves are so deep and narrow that no natural light can penetrate.  An artificial light source would have been needed in order for those early humans to see well enough to paint.  Experts postulate that early humans formed man-made depressions in stone and simply burned a few lumps of animal fat in them to provide light.  As humans evolved, so too did their light sources.

Primitive Lamps

 Any non-flammable material with a depression to hold fuel can serve as a lamp: shells, bones, rocks, and clay.  An example of this type of archaic lamp is a primitive clay “lamp”. This easy-to-make lamp would be a fun and educational project to do with kids. It’s important to use the right kind of clay.  For this project, it’s best not to use modeling compounds that contain flour or plastic (Play-Doh and polymer clays, for example).  Instead, use the type of clay found in the ground that is comprised of fine-grained natural rock or soil material.  The best place to look for naturally occurring clay is along lakes, ponds, and the seashore.  Conveniently, Amazon also has a wide selection here.  Keep in mind that although this clay will become bone-dry on its own when exposed to air, it will remain brittle and easily broken unless it’s fired in a kiln.  However, as long as care is taken not to break your creation, it will work very well for this project even without being fired.

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3 comments to Primitive Living Skills: Creating Off-Grid Light Sources

  • Dissolution

    Wowee! One million years ago!

  • med_mercenary

    Who dated those cave writings? Maybe the writers themselves inscribed the very date their masterpiece was completed? More evolution dogma, no religion, subtly sprinkled about. “as humans evolved” really? From what? Oh yea, my high school text books had all the answers . . . a few cells rubbed together, and viola, as I recall. The cells arose from the primordial soup brewing for millions of years. Got it.

    BS indeed! As part of anyone’s true awakening . . . they must include evolutionism at the very top of the list of deceptions foisted upon the world.

    +1 Dissolution

    • Dissolution

      You are ON it, Med. Kent Hovind shreds this theory apart. I realize the point of the article was more for practical purposes, but I just hate to find myself wading through sewage after being lured into an otherwise interesting topic. The stench of it makes it difficult to continue.

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