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I hate to admit it, just hate it, but I’m a knife addict! I always have been, since I was a little kid back in Chicago. I’ve always carried some kind of folding knife in a pocket, and, to be sure, most of the kids in the neighborhood also carried pocket knives, even to school. Guess what? No one got stabbed, murdered, or expelled from school. Today, that’s a different story. In most states, it is a mandatory one year expulsion for students who have a knife at school. Instead of using good ol’ common sense and talking to the child about it or calling the parents, many administrators will simply expelled a kid for a year, placing them behind in their studies. Don’t even get me started on the Pop Tart pastry that was supposedly chewed into the shape of a pistol. I’ve studied the photos, and I can’t make that Pop Tart look like a handgun no matter how hard I might try.

I think what many people tend to forget is that a knife is a tool, first and foremost. It accomplishes certain tasks better than other similar tools. The first task that comes to my mind is cutting. While there are other tools designed for cutting, nothing beats a knife in-hand for cutting chores that require immediate attention. A knife can also be used for hunting– dressing out game plus as a weapon of last resort. However, I wouldn’t really want to bring a knife to a gunfight. I believe that most knives are used probably 90-95% of the time as a cutting tool and nothing more. Still, if you watch Hollywood movies, you’ll get the impression that a knife is second in deadliness only to a nuclear bomb. We have so much to “thank” Hollywood for, don’t we?

I go ’round and ’round with the manager at the gun shop I haunt on the quality of knives. He just doesn’t much care for knives made in Taiwan or China for some reason, and it’s not a political thing with him either. As I’ve outlined before, in my knife articles, you get as good a knife as you want from overseas, or you get one as cheaply made as you want. It depends on the company producing the knives and the price point; it’s as simple as that. I don’t especially enjoy supporting the Red Chinese government by purchasing products made in China. However, on the other hand, those jobs in China also support jobs here in the USA as well.


Zero Tolerance is a division of Kershaw Knives in the Portland, OR area, which is my neck of the woods. I actually live about a hundred miles south and east of Portland, out in the boonies. However, every couple of years, I work my up to the Portland and surrounding areas to tour some of the knife companies in the area, since the Pacific Northwest has rapidly become the knife-making capitol of the USA, if not actually manufacturing the knives, also importing them. People are amazed when I tell them about all the knife companies we have in this area.

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4 comments to Zero Tolerance Model 180

  • CalSailX

    Yup… another old man that remembers when young men were students, and not just being trained to be prisoners of a police state. Easily 70% of the male student body carried some kind of folding knife on their person. No shootings, no stabbings…

    Male teachers that had served our country, and were worthy of respect. They had trained young men to survive on the battlefield, and they put those lessons to work creating young men worth knowing.

    When feminazi’s started getting positions in my school, they demanded respect they hadn’t earned. No I’m not going to respect you as much as the teacher that did three tours in Vietnam, or even the smoke jumper that fought wild fires in the summer to pay for his collage education.

    Not a wonder public schools went to hell, the men I looked up to got pushed out. The women that demanded respect because of “I have a vagina” took over. What a useful collection of tools they turned out to be! Perhaps my very first MGTOW act was to be home on leave, and tell my feminazi English teacher that if she was the last woman on earth I still wouldn’t let her have what she wanted.

    Back to knifes… you got to like a good folding knife, however if you need a knife to fight with, carry a good Gurkha knife.

    • glitter 1

      Ditto that Brother!

    • Sam

      I do love my blades as well and you are right on that Gurkha choice for fighting. The Indian knives that the Gurkha use aka Khukuri are some of the best fixed blade knives you will find for close combat fighting or Zombie killing 🙂

      I recently had picked up a modern blend between a Bowie and Khukuri to add to my little collection. It is a hand made knife of 5160 tempered, has an 11″ blade, full flat tang, rosewood handle, over a quarter inch spine weighing about 24 ounces with most of it forward, double sharpened edges with a slight khukuri re-curve shape with the familiar sweet spot on the belly that finishes to a fine point all wrapped in a Kydex sheath.

      There are some bigger and some smaller that would do the task but, this latest find is hard to beat by my tastes anyway.

  • blounttruth

    What is funny is even back then the teachers were primarily leftists, but the principle was a Conservative farmer that would drag race tractors and collected knifes himself, and was anything but a coward. I cant count the number of times and different teachers that would send me to the office when I would get caught with my knife out, not even thinking about it I would pull it out to work out a splinter, to open a test booklet, or at lunch to slice my apple, and off to the office I would go.

    I had to sit outside Mr. Lillard’s office until he had time to see me, and I would go in with the note “caught with knife”. He would sit me down, open his desk drawer and show me collections of old timers, Buck’s, and some so old the names were worn from the tag. He would then remind me it is best to keep the knife concealed as the teachers were pant shatters and I would have to come back and visit with him again if caught.

    He would have me drop back by after the final bell of the day, return my “confiscated” knife to me (as well as half a dozen more people) and send us on our way. In 3-10 weeks I would see him again, and see his latest collection. What respect we all had for that man, a man that was a real man, a hard worker, a non coward, and a true leader. He was an example for many of us that we hoped we could achieve his status, not as a heavy hand, but as someone with common sense, a good work ethic, and a teacher as opposed to punisher, and we were all better for it.

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