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YOU Are A Share Of Stock In The Corporation — Anita Whitney


We are governed by a system of corporate contracts which have usurped the power of our “representative government”. Our corporate government has turned overtly tyrannical because it no longer represents the people – it’s a corporation and the board of directors serve the owners of the corporation, not we the people.

You and I are merely shares of stock in the corporation IF we allow it to be so. Researcher and activist Anita Whitney from joins me to discuss all of this and more.

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31 comments to YOU Are A Share Of Stock In The Corporation — Anita Whitney

  • Theravaida

    You’re NOT “any share of stock in a corporation”, or “a free ATM card against your labor”.

    You’re a host to be harvested for your organs by parasite invasion.

    • FOR SEAN


      • Ed_B

        Apparently, it was not completely blocked because your caps key seems to be stuck in the ON position.

        • rich

          Earnings Misstatements Come in Bunches, Study Says

          One bad corporate apple, it seems, can spoil a whole bunch.

          That’s the conclusion of a fascinating academic study that examined accounting restatements by thousands of corporations over a 12-year period. After one company was found to have misstated its earnings, the study determined, others in its industry often followed suit and began massaging their own numbers, ultimately resulting in their own restatements.

          Equally intriguing were the exceptions. When companies playing accounting charades faced regulatory action, shareholder litigation or prominent news reports about their practices, the researchers found that their corporate peers declined to mimic their conduct. This shows the importance of highlighting and punishing bad behavior.

          Three academics conducted the study, which will appear in the November issue of The Accounting Review, published by the American Accounting Association. They are Simi Kedia of Rutgers University Business School, Kevin Koh of Nanyang Business School in Singapore and Shivaram Rajgopal of Columbia University Business School.

          The study, “Evidence on Contagion in Earnings Management,” looked at the restatements of 2,249 companies from 1997 through 2008. It found that earnings manipulation at companies was strongly related to the percentage of firms in the same industry or the same region that had announced restatements in the previous 12 months.

          follow the cheater

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Great interview.
    In all honesty. People are helping them do these things and say with pity, we can’t help ourselves, what are we supposed to do?
    Think about it, when they wanted to go digital with currency, people were happy to have direct deposit. From one computer to another, a man’s labor is reduced to the sequence of 0’s and 1’s as they are transferred. It does not take long to make that same transfer to a chip.

    Then we have the people who want the Constitution, but only parts of it.
    Where is the money mentioned? Even though it says gold and silver, since that’s not readily available, who issues the money? The poor and those who make their selves do as the Republic had planned, spend what the US Mint creates. Everyone else don’t want it, and the Federal Reserve has sat before Congress and told them Americans prefer to spend their money. If Americans revolted and demanded coins from the bank and paid in coins, even dollar coins which other countries do readily, we could shift the amount of FRNs they could monetize.
    But we sit helpless, and say, ‘What can we do?’ and ask other people who are doing it, “Why are you being so difficult?’ because counting coins adds time at the register for the people standing in line.

    There is a rumor that says, even if our generation frees itself, in three generations they would have a slave type population again.

    In a twitter world where people want the information like a 10 second commercial, or in a few words like a text message ‘Call me’, ‘you have been duped’, there is no way to get the attention and focus to this problem until it becomes a problem for someone.

    Then they post on the internet for the solution, and the attitude is, ‘you know what’s going on, you do it’.

    The woman in the interview told you the corporate structure is about contracts.
    All contracts have to have full disclosure to be enforceable.
    So even if they created security instruments from the birth certificate, they cannot compel you to perform any obligations just because it exists, and someone holds it in a vault somewhere.

    Your children belong to you.
    Anyone demanding you do something with them, have a contract.
    Most people do not read the contract when they enroll their kids into school, and they are the first ones in and the first ones out.
    I take half a day reading all that, and making corrections to what I accept and don’t accept.

    Most people fill out the forms at the doctor’s office because they want to be seen on time and without delay. and have no idea the things they say the doctor has permission to do, that they consented to. Then the doctor prescribes some medicine or therapy they do not like and they end up kidnapping their own child to keep from performing the obligations of a contract they signed.

    Yes, the thing is a corporation, and it has a corporate owner.
    Can they make you do something without a contract, and do you even pay attention to the contracts you enter into, of your own accord?

    Again good interview.
    People going to jail, have to sign their selves in, and some that refuse to sign in, when they are released, they don’t have to sign out. (may have to sign to show they got their property) at least some are taking the time to read and learn, like this guest does and in the end, she will save the people who take the time to read and learn with her.

    The rest are really not our problem since they do not invest in their life, or with much effort, and want a gun to solve all the problems that they are creating by not knowing the contracts they are entering into.

    Income tax is a yearly contract.
    Vehicle registration is a yearly contract.
    Driver’s license is a 3 or 5 year contract
    School is a one year contract, has a handbook, and the trustees reserve their rights, privileges, immunities, and protections, yet, not a single parent does the same for their co-creations.
    Student, parent, guardian, men, women, children, and a lot of things are defined as a person, which is also an individual, corporation, association, partnership, conservatorship, trustee in a bankruptcy. None of those are flesh and blood.
    All contracts will have something like parent signature, student signature, patient signature, customer copy, and those words mean person, and when we sign without correcting those words we are helping with the presumption that we are stock/chattel/vassel/representatives for corporate entities that have the name we are called.

    Thanks for letting me post a comment.
    Love conquers all, because if you love, you aren’t using your energy on anything else except uncovering the solutions to the problems created by people who do not know how to feel loved, and do unloving things.

  • no name legal

    Aboutbtime this gets out. Legality is not reality (maxim of law). Its illegal to use a legal name! It was copyrighted and is not your property. Lose the for more info…

  • C.i.

    Rather Odd In This As I Was Just Talking To Others Downunder Somewhat Related?

    America Was Once A “country” You Know Somewhere To Go And Further Ones Life, Dreams And Maybe Start Again Type Of Thing.

    That Was 5 To Ten Years Ago. Short Time Really Looking Back On It.

    We Feel That America Is Now A “business” A Failing One At That. Why Aspire To Go There. Why Actually Paying Any Attention At All Really?

    Something With Promise Has Turned To, Sorry But “shit”.

    We Have Absolutely No Idea As To You Let This Happen…

    It Has Though…

    So Sad.

    No End To It Which Is Worse Fore Our Common Existence.


  • Millicent

    America is headed down the Highway to Hell with a pack of fags and pervs leading the way.

  • brybo1971

    Person = persona, it’s just a mask that you were tricked into wearing (your parents were tricked) so that the legal Acts can work on you. Look up strawman, John Harris explained it all very well. Now try telling others and watching the look on their faces….prepare for some real funny looks because they just won’t get it until the time is right. I spent about 7 years trying to teach people this. RIP John Harris.

  • Mike

    I live on the coast and had to have an environmental engineer come out before the county would approve my deck..Just that was an extra 800 bucks tacked on to permit fees. I tore the old deck out that was built in 1980 but still had to go through major BS for a fricken deck! There is a creek in my back yard that goes out into the intracoastal…I have no idea what this was to protect maybe the little bastard crabs making holes in my backyard? My county also recently made it illegal to move a Venus fly trap plant, I have never seen one in the wild. I was still against it and tried to explain to my neighbors this just opening the door for the county or fish and wildlife to come onto your property anytime. If god forbid one starts growing in the middle of your lawn and you run it over with a mower then your screwed.
    On a different note…
    What I would like to do is force the county to pay their appraisal of your home if it doesn’t sell in 90 days. That would in no time stop property tax altogether. To avoid them lowering their appraisal and hiking up property tax I would make sure there is a provision to cover that. As it stands with a perpetual property tax you can never own your home. A one time point of sale tax would be alright and legal in my opinion…Anyway local gubberment is more dangerous to your freedom and liberty than the federal. At least the Local Gub seems to have more direct control over you.

  • Christine

    Great interview! A lot of this information has been coming out for a few years: Heather Tucci Jarraf was one of the first people to dig into it before leaving the country and moving to Morocco (after deliberately getting her house into foreclosure, in order to understand exactly what had been happening with the banks, the Fed and the incorporation of the world (many countries have also become corporations. You can find them on Dunn and Bradstreet as well). Karen Hudes also talks about it.

    At some point, more people will know than won’t. The thing will implode on its own doing. just a question of time.

  • Loquito

    Yes! Excellent interview, it answered a lot of question I had. This a kind of info need to reach a lot people. The research we do into this type of info and the further back you go into our past. You realize it been plan from the get go by the banksters. We’ve been condition or program into consenting without realizing it.

    And your answer for tiny home is to get an Earthship. A development by Micheal Reynold in Taos, NM. Self sufficient home and off the grid. Link to documentary about this homes.

    Thank you Sean

  • naysayer

    They can make up all this crap they want, but it doesn’t matter because I will not comply.

    p.s. Check out a movie called “the conspiracy” from I think 2012. Wow. It is truth masquerading as a horror thriller.

  • Ed_B

    So, we’re all just a share of stock, eh? Well, I know a few people whose value would be increased immensely by this. Otherwise, they’re not worth jack…. lol

  • willygroper


    Thanks! Good info.

    Believe it or KNOT…I had Business Law course in high school that went into contracts. What it did not go into was “The Corporation, USSA.” My teacher at the time spoke frequently of barter. He was a bit ahead of his time.

    • Christine

      Doesn’t matter if it had anything to do with “The Corporation USSA”.

      You’ve got more education than 80% of what the people since have learned. Barter IS contract. And barter is the ONLY means to restore morality, credibility, trust and business. Even if it rests only on a handshake at inception. People talk. Especially when contracts are not adhered to. In a barter society, you have no idea how fast con artists shape up! The shipping out is… deadly!

      • willygroper


        Sean posted a blog link for me that you might find interesting re: Gandhi. It was on of the Dee’s posts. He was bought & paid for too. Same suspects.

  • Christine


    You approached me on it a few days ago, I didn’t answer (running from appointment to appointment) and felt bad about not finding you again, lost as you were in all those articles and posts!

    Please do post that link and let me read it. I promise We’ll talk then.

    • willygroper

      Captcha censored. Sean had to post it. Let’s see if this will work around. A friend across 2 ponds turned me on to this man. It’s easy to get engrossed on his blog. The genocide/pics in Bengal (opium) same suspects, is heartbreaking. It’s the same playbook over & over. Photog of pic with vulture & dying child committed suicide upon returning home.


      • Christine


        I am a rational human being. I need information I can read or hear and then, I need corroboration (meaning that I need to do my own research afterwards to either concur that there is something to it or that there isn’t).

        Until then, my compass does not move. So far, my Gandhi compass isn’t moving. Fair enough?

  • Greg

    For anyone interesting in learning about seeking remedy through the non judicial commercial lien process, this is quite a useful interview with a judge, one of the few good ones!

    You can listen to him about 1 hour and 9 mins into the show

  • I am going to suggest a few links that will give some insight to the UCC and you. read it or not it all on you! It is your duty to know that which you have the ability to know! (POST ARE ALSO IN AUDIO FORMAT)

    Ratification a must

    The Uniform Commercial Code, The Constitution and You

    The True Life Story of how to make it all work in court

    A discussion and explanation on the Emergency Litigation Process. (Read This Last)

  • One more thing to negate any contract that you are compelled to sign is something that anyone giving information on how to remain free of encumbrance should know! Read the documentation on UCC 1-308 (Because my sight has been hack many times that file was lose and has not been replaced at this time.)but it’s freely available via search. Some information is contained in the above post “The Uniform Commercial Code, The Constitution and You”

  • nycjeff

    Thanks for this interview Sean.
    I actually haven’t listened to the whole thing because it kept blowing my mind and I had to stop and start.

  • Gnostic

    This concept of human ownership is biblical in it’s origins. Today they developed a less obvious form of owning you. Praise yahweh!

    Except for murder, slavery has got to be one of the most immoral things a person can do. Yet slavery is rampant throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. The Bible clearly approves of slavery in many passages, and it goes so far as to tell how to obtain slaves, how hard you can beat them, and when you can have sex with the female slaves.

    Many Jews and Christians will try to ignore the moral problems of slavery by saying that these slaves were actually servants or indentured servants. Many translations of the Bible use the word “servant”, “bondservant”, or “manservant” instead of “slave” to make the Bible seem less immoral than it really is. While many slaves may have worked as household servants, that doesn’t mean that they were not slaves who were bought, sold, and treated worse than livestock.

    However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46)

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