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Whatever Happened To Sex

from Paul Craig Roberts:

Western civilization is in collapse. Every public and private institution in every western country, with the sole exception of Iceland, is corrupt. Government at every level is corrupt. The courts and judicial systems are corrupt. Justice is nonexistent. The financial systems are corrupt. The media is corrupt. The corrupt corporations continue to maximize their profits by destroying the environment and by replacing domestic workers with foreign ones. The income and wealth continues to gravitate to the One Percent.

Even sports, which once consisted of games played for fun, are corrupt. Participants in every competitive sport have to be drug tested, whether a skier, a bobsledder, a football, baseball, basketball, or hockey player, a boxer, a bicyclist, a distance runner, a sprinter, a high jumper, a pole vaulter, or whatever. Sports were corrupted by money. The rewards for success are so high that people sacrifice their personal integrity and cheat in order to obtain the money, just as government officials and regulators betray their constituencies in order to be rewarded by special interests who profit at the expense of society.

But not all corruption is financial or money-motivated. Spiritual corruption is even more dangerous as it erodes the character of people. Once people’s concerns do not go beyond themselves and their own feelings, a culture is dead. There has always been betrayal between husbands and wives, but not on the mass scale of today when vows play second fiddle to one’s personal desires. Another way of saying this is that keeping one’s vow or one’s word is no longer an important desire or contributor to self-esteem.

Consider something as ordinary as sexual relations between the genders. Sexual intercourse is one of the most common activities in which people engage. Yet there are those who go up the wall when the subject is mentioned. The prudery is silly, because the sexual relationship between a man and a woman is the foundation of society. Civilizations have protected the relationship in marriage, the basis for procreation and enculturation that perpetuates the society. What we see today is a growing separation of the sexual relationship from its social purpose and the loss of parental control over children to the state and outside forces. Indoctrination replaces enculturation.

It is dangerous for a society to neglect erosion in its basis. The subject is too large for a column. This article deals only with the disassociation of the romantic element, with its implication of love and commitment, from sex. An article in Cosmopolitan, a women’s magazine, testifies to female liberation from love and commitment by casual sex:

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7 comments to Whatever Happened To Sex

  • Rodster

    PCR, you are full of shit. You call out the West and praise the East. You call the West, degenerates and leave out the East.

    Well let’s see, in India they have a problem and the Nation admits It that girls are prey to sex gangs who rape little girls in public and either kill, slash or pour acid on their faces. Most recently in India a 2 year old girl was left bleeding to death after a sex gang led by teenagers raped the little girl and she died. The week prior to that a 5 year old girl was raped by a sex gang and her faced was slashed after the attack.

    Russia has a reputation for pedophilia and look at the flack Putin dealt with when he kissed a little boy on his stomach. So good job PCR, the West sucks and the East are saints.

  • Jeff

    Sorry but I don’t see any “praising the East” in that article. Try reading it.

    • Rodster

      PCR’s meme is the West sucks and the East is great. He chides the West for their degeneracy but leaves out the East. According to PCR, eonomically and geopolitically the West is evil and the East are saints. You sir need to read more of PCR writings because that’s his shtick.

    • chris

      You need to understand that an article cannot be read on its own and be commented upon in isolation. Get with the program, Jeff. Read everything the guy has written so you can look insane by commenting on the guys other articles in this space. Now don’t you be coming back at Rodster until you know your PCR, your HIV, ABC and most importantly, your LMNOP. Suck that shit, Jeff. Don’t ever point to the actual written piece as a defense. If you don’t read everything and make wild off topic comments, you are a douche. So, shut up, Jeff. 🙂

  • Gnostic

    Beam me up Scotty….I want off this train.


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