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What The “Pros” Don’t Want You To Know

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As I cozied up to the dinner table with a tasty single malt Scotch (Oban 14 year old), I got a question I can’t seem to avoid.

There I was, at a small party with some old high school buddies. The hosts married a couple years ago and had a son a little over a year ago.

April was peppering me with questions and clearly nervous. Her husband, Malcolm, was mildly interested, but was more focused on the Oban. Priorities, priorities…

I’ve been in this situation many times before. I knew a conversation over drinks would end up being confusing and hard to remember, even for otherwise brilliant and successful college-educated professionals.

I asked her to send me an email with her questions. Everyone who is getting serious — or needs to get serious — about saving for retirement needs to see my response.

It is shocking how little people are taught about their options, and how little changes now have profound effects down the road.

If you know anyone like April and Malcolm, who are just getting started and lack the resources to make informed decisions, forward this email to them.

If you know anyone of any age that just pumps money into their 401(k) and ignores their options, show them how easy it can be to set up something better.

Professional investors thrive by keeping people in the dark. It makes it far easier to sell them costly plans and enrich themselves at their clients’ expense.

There are even options that experienced investors are unaware of because brokers and professional investors do not want you to know about them, which I’ll cover below.

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