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Web Bot Gets Another Prediction Right: “Floods”

[Ed. Note: Okay, now how ’bout that “silver to go ballistic” prediction!!]

from jsnip4:

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3 comments to Web Bot Gets Another Prediction Right: “Floods”

  • Steelerdude

    Back in the mid to late 2000’s, I could see how Cliff High came up with his predictions using the internet (as I was systems programmer)….but now, I think he just sits around with a beer and comes up with this stuff….

    Cliff High should have a video of his work environment and show how he comes up with this stuff…

    • Howard Roark

      Agreed…Honest science demands that when your predicted outcome fails to occur you consider your hypothesis blown and go back to your books and pencils, not try to fabricate excuses.

  • Fred Flinstone

    Yes, this is Clif High webbot data.

    What about SC flooding….highest in 500+ years?? Tidal surges due to a storm….think this is what the webbot was looking at. Plus immigrant flooding….

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