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Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses… National Cancer Institute’s shocking admission affects millions of patients

by Jonathan Benson, Natural News:

With $100 billion a year now being spent on toxic chemotherapy treatments that damage patients and cause “chemo brain” side effects, a panel of cancer experts commissioned by the National Cancer Institute publicly admitted two years ago that tens of millions of “cancer cases” aren’t cancer at all.

Tens of millions of people who have been diagnosed with “cancer” by crooked oncologists — and scared into medically unjustified but extremely profitable chemotherapy treatments — never had any sort of life-threatening condition to begin with, scientists have confirmed.

“The word ‘cancer’ often invokes the specter of an inexorably lethal process; however, cancers are heterogeneous and can follow multiple paths, not all of which progress to metastases and death, and include indolent disease that causes no harm during the patient’s lifetime,” says the abstract of the published study entitled Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment in Cancer An Opportunity for Improvement (JAMA. 2013;310(8):797-798. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.108415)

The article goes on to explain that many tissue lesions in human biology are being diagnosed with the scary-sounding term “cancer” even though they would not lead to any real harm in the body even if left untreated.

$100 billion a year generated by the cancer industry to treat many patients who never had “real” cancer in the first place

Oncologists and the breast cancer industry prey on systematic over-diagnosis of cancer in order to scare patients into unnecessary treatments. These treatments are helping generate $100 billion a year in chemotherapy revenues, often for so-called “cancers” that shouldn’t even count as cancer in the first place.

“Physicians, patients and the general public must recognize that overdiagnosis is common and occurs more frequently with cancer screening,” warns the NCI-commissioned science article in JAMA.

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2 comments to Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses… National Cancer Institute’s shocking admission affects millions of patients

  • Christine

    The sad reality is that, for every (oh so rare) truly crooked and corrupt MD, there are 100s gullible ones who truly mean well, believe in what they do and trust academia, the FDA and WHO.

    They perpetuate the scam out of good intentions. The kind the ways to hell are paved with…

    And in their well-intentionned hands, thousands of ignorant patients, completely removed from their own body, flock for a cure readily available through personal responsibility and research. We haver the medicine we deserve.

  • rich

    Community Update on ISIS-SMNRx from Biogen and Isis
    By Cure SMA | Published On October 7, 2015

    A question many parents and patients with SMA ask is how to interpret the open-label, Phase 2 clinical trial results to date. Like all of you, we are encouraged by the results. However, the current open-label data, while exciting and supportive of continued research, are not from definitive randomized well-controlled trials. We remain committed to executing the Phase 3 pivotal studies as quickly as possible to build the body of evidence needed for evaluation by regulators in the U.S. and around the world.

    We are driven in our work on ISIS-SMNRx by the acute awareness that patients and families are waiting for access to treatment.

    There are regulations on paper related to taxes and leverage that are dictionary paper thick. There are also labor, food, environmental, and trade rules. Every corporation in America can find a way through them except the FDA regs on getting drugs in trials showing effectiveness to patients in an expedient way. Think about that. Ask Isis and Biogen if they follow all the other rules to a T…?Always follow the money.

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