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Trump: I Have License to Carry and If Someone Attacks Me…

[Ed. Note: Who hired this guy? Because he sure says a lot of the right things….]

from 2016 Presidential Elections Channel™:

Franklin, Tennessee Speech 10/03/15: Donald Trump made it abundantly clear today where he stands on the issue of guns in talking about his own concealed carry permit.

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11 comments to Trump: I Have License to Carry and If Someone Attacks Me…

  • tomche

    Agree with you Sean, he is certainly saying some constructive things…
    Makes me wonder: if he continue’s this trajectory, perhaps he has an “accident”…?

    My oh my, good theatre for sure.

  • Sam

    Trump is certainly saying the right things and even sided with President Assad of sovereign Syria to invite Russia in to help get rid of the Israelis, the Zionist USSA, the Brits, The Frenchies, The Saudi’s, aka ISIL or ISIS or Al-CIA-duh or Daesh.

    Got my vote as he does what he says he will do with a proven track record, unlike the current Kenyan… or any of the other CLOWNS!

  • Lmo

    This guy is saying exactly what is scripted. What you want to hear. It is a distraction. A flanking maneuver to make you think there is a future.

    Plan on experiencing the exact opposite. This guy is NOT your savior.

  • Silver Shield

    Come on Sean… You know who…

    • Sam

      And to think that the guy was perfect, pfft…LOL!

      Sadly, nobody is including you “silvershield” or myself..

      Wait there’s Hitlery – good grief…the only way that happens is if the voting machinations go in full tilt as she put’s on a strip tease broom stick show for the retards and the same can be said for Bush 3.0…But hey, it’s easy to criticize, right?

      Yes, that’s easy, so how about doing some old fashioned work and put your money where your criticism is?

      Sitting back for implosion sounds more like a cop out, Great plan!?

      • Silver Shield

        Been to the “do something” dog and pony show enough to learn the only way to win is to not play their game. Good luck to you.

        • Eric


          Number of players….zero!

        • Sam

          Perhaps this excerpt may ring a bell from Gulag Archipelago?

          It isn’t a video game or a hollywierd movie script, it’s real life, real history.

          And, it isn’t about, “luck.”

          “Solzhenitsyn laments that the citizens of St. Petersburg cowered behind their doors when the black vans pulled up at their apartment houses night after night to arrest their neighbors. If only the decent Russians had fought back, Solzhenitsyn says, if only they had ambushed some of these secret police thugs in the hallways of their apartments with knives and pickaxes and hammers, if only they had spiked the tires of the police vans while the thugs were in the apartments dragging out their victims, they could easily have overwhelmed Yagoda’s forces and forced an end to the mass arrests. But they didn’t fight back, and the arrests and liquidations continued. And so, Solzhenitsyn concludes, because of their cowardice and their selfishness the Russians deserved what the communists did to them.”

  • Bob

    Chris Duane,
    Now that you have retired from youtube will you make a run for U.S. President next year?

  • NIX

    Trump 2016, yes we can 2.0 (people will never learn…

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