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Total blackout of Fukushima truth by U.S. media; sailors suffer and die while denial continues

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Nearly four years after a major tsunami created the massive tidal wave that destroyed much of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power complex in the northern part of the country, spewing radioactive waste into the air and surrounding Pacific Ocean, the truth about the after-effects of that disaster continue to reside in the shadows.

For example, one of the most under-reported stories of all pertaining to the disaster — and one that should be of particular interest to Americans — is the fate of a number of crewmembers aboard the USS Ronald Reagan, the U.S. Navy carrier sent to assist Japanese military and civilian authorities in the immediate aftermath of the quake.


According to German magazine Der Spiegel, the Reagan had been dispatched to the Fukushima site the day of the disaster, March 11, 2011, and the massive warship with its 4,500 officers and crew reached the area the next day, anchoring just north of Sendai, where it remained on station for several weeks.

“I’ve removed six thyroid glands”

Under the mission codename of “Tomodachi,” which means, “friends,” the warship and its crew provided relief and assistance, as Japanese authorities and military units struggled to contain fires and radioactive waste. In the end, four of the six Tokyo Electric Power Company-owned reactors were damaged, three heavily, and ground crews worked feverishly to keep exposed reactor cores cool enough to prevent massive explosions.

At the time Japanese (and American) officials assured the world that the crew of the Reagan, as well as the waters off Japan and the air above it, were “safe,” as in, there had not been an appreciable escape of radioactive waste, at least in amounts that would lead to long-term, permanent damage. Many aboard the Reagan bought into the government’s line.

But now, as Der Spiegel notes, years later, more and more of the Reagan‘s crew has “mysteriously” become ill, including those like Master Chief Petty Officer Leticia Morales. On a host of medications and having undergone batteries of tests, she struggles to remember details about her everyday life.

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3 comments to Total blackout of Fukushima truth by U.S. media; sailors suffer and die while denial continues

  • Christine

    Meanwhile, in the US of A… Uncanny timing!

    76 28 2 8 603 3
    Radiation tests negative after fire at Nevada waste site …However Radiation Sensors in Major U.S. Cities Have Been Turned Off

    – See more at:

    “A national radiation-monitoring system enhanced after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks isn’t working as intended, with nearly three-quarters of stations not checking for a type of radiation in real time, including ones in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

    Environmental Protection Agency officials confirmed 99 of 135 beta-radiation sensors in its RadNet system—which monitors in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico—aren’t working and have been turned off. Officials blame electromagnetic interference from sources such as cellphone towers and said efforts to resolve the problem have been unsuccessful.”

  • Millicent

    Nuclear reactors exist for one primary purpose… to make material for nuclear weapons. All of the horsehockey that they sell to the public is just that, BS, designed to to make people think that they are getting some sort of “clean” energy. Officialdom is well aware of the dangers that nuclear power plants present but like most things government… they prefer to give the people a snowjob rather than telling them the harsh realities.

    i.e. We need a lot of nukes so we can project our dominance around the globe.

  • CalSailX

    Money enough to buy guns and ammunition, but they can’t afford to keep the radiation detectors up. Mmmm…

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