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Tommy & Shelby Chong on Career, Cancer and Cannabis

from Ben Swann:

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2 comments to Tommy & Shelby Chong on Career, Cancer and Cannabis

  • Please let Tommy & Shelby Chong and your viewers about the book called DMSO Natures Healther by Dr. Morton Walker.
    DMSO has proven to cure cancer’s.
    Prostate or bladder cancer you insurt DMSO by catheter into the prostate or bladder hold in for 20 minutes.
    I have had a reduction of my bladder cancer symtoms after doing it once a week for the past 11 weeks.
    I have no more Painful pee’s, no more bloting, I can finally do up my pants.
    Get the book for the protocals. sells DMSO in Canada. Most health stores can get it in for you.
    They also sell a Melatonin that was used in the curing of 12 cancers in Canada, request info from the company.

    I sell their professional line called for MD’s & ND’s Only.

    Best of Health to you all,

  • I forgot to mention:
    I use DMSO to draw my cannabis oil into my blood stream thru the skin.

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