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The War of Words – Evidence of the Awakening

from Zen Gardner:

I was recently honored to have two very inspiring and enlightening meetings with the inimitable Gnostic scholar and spiritual activist John Lash, covering a wide range of subjects. As we compared notes and ideas and our current views on trends we’re identifying, one topic that came up was the shifting field of language.

You may also be noticing this, but the term “anti-semitic” doesn’t have the bite and strong stigma it once had. This is a clear manifestation of how the informational war we’re waging is causing a profound shift in consciousness.

When truth enters into any paradigm there is a distinct and rapid erosion of fear. Anyone in the western world has been psycho-spiritually programmed to react strongly to such an assertion that they are being “anti-semitic”, not just along politically correct lines but at much deeper levels. There are many such examples across the wordosphere but I’ll just touch on a few here.

Once we learn of their language prohibitions and the twisted nomenclature they exercise on humanity are tools of manipulation to keep us from greater truths and begin counteracting this onslaught, their sand castle of lies begins to quickly erode.

Blasting the Seams in the Dam of Deceit

Cracking the Zionist agenda is crucial to a full on awakening to our current socio-political climate of fear and control. This one agenda perhaps exemplifies the ruthless rule of unquestionable authoritarianism more than any other meme they’ve put out there. As John Lash aptly pointed out, it is perhaps the biggest seam in the dam that is withholding truth from the greater world, and when it blows, we are going to see some wonderful things happen.

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7 comments to The War of Words – Evidence of the Awakening

  • Christine

    Everywhere, people are questioning that holocaust. Those who do end up being prosecuted and severely fined but they keep pressing for truth. And their work gets translated or expanded upon.

    What the Zionists don’t understand is that the harder they crack down on truth-seekers and the more people want to know the truth: common sense tells us that, if questioning the “official” version really were an exercise in futility because ALL EXISTING records confirm it and there exist no cracks in said official version, no one would feel destabilized by truth-seekers and they would simply die off after having emitted their doubts.

    It is NOT the case: the more doubters speak up and get jailed for doing so, the more new doubters are born. Nothing happens in a vacuum. When questioning anything becomes a highly-publicized crime, people want to know WHY. Especially when the punishment is so excessive and incommensurate with the alleged crime. Questioning is human nature. Even the Bible asks us to question. Scientific method demands that man question everything. Can’t pick and choose when and what we are allowed to question. Otherwise, there is no longer a scientific method.

  • anon


    • anon

      Oh, and two more things:

      1) David Icke: International Zionism is a Secret Society
      (Be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, & read, view, listen to ALL content.)

      2) Caravan To Midnight – Episode 386 South Africa [and WHITE GENOCIDE] 1st hr., & 36 mins:

      TIME TO WAKE UP, AMERICA !!! BEFORE it’s too late.

      • anon

        English Subtitles Part 1/4 – Auschwitz – Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth


      • AgShaman

        The woman that has been covering the white genocide in South Africa is a friend of mine. She has her own radio program. The woman from South Africa that has been coming on her show to expose this has been receiving death threats. My friend is trying to raise cash to help her get out and keep her alive. I plan to help out when I am no longer stuck on the job I am currently on.

        Don’t forget, Obomi and Eric Holder removed the New Black Panther Party, including the nutjob Shabazz, a couple years back, from being on the terrorist list, so they could take a trip to South Africa and stir up trouble and see the model there.

        This is what is planned here in McMerica….to set up, and kill off the crackers

  • Ed_B

    “You may also be noticing this, but the term “anti-semitic” doesn’t have the bite and strong stigma it once had. This is a clear manifestation of how the informational war we’re waging is causing a profound shift in consciousness.”

    Perhaps. Or perhaps it is more fundamentally a case of name-calling that has been vastly overused.

    • Christine

      Could be either or both. There is something very primitive in the way the Zionists/Neocons operate: they use brute force to bend people in the way they “should” go. It is completely counterproductive and has always been. Rebels are not born; they are man made. And Rebellion doesn’t need to be violent and bloody. It can be a peaceful and determined refusal to be bent. Once again, when 10% of the world population quietly goes about living, doing its business and completely ignores the diktats of the 0.1% delusional enough to believe that they HAVE the control, we’ll have victory. I always go back to Gandhi: his goal was the independence of India from the British. He accomplished it without resorting to their methods.

      One of the reasons I believe the word “anti-Semitic” is losing its strength is… the number of Jewish writers openly speaking up against Zionism and Israel policies. Hard to call Jews “anti-Semitic”, isn’t it? When you read Counterpunch, Global Research or Wayne Madsen Strategic Culture, it becomes very obvious that more and more Jewish people want to distance themselves from today’s world insanity. That too is part of the awakening of the masses. Worldwide.

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